Brock Lesnar Will Face The Shield

WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar recently made his return to the wrestling organization, but it seems that there’s quite a dilemma within the company. For the last few months, Seth Rollins has been the WWE Champion, and many fans are actually beginning to enjoy the new face of the company. However, Brock Lesnar’s return clearly signifies a change, and it might be for the better.

Before Brock Lesnar left the WWE, he was the number one super star in the world, and many people still consider him to be the top draw of the company. Brock Lesnar’s return will lead to a SummerSlam main event in the near future, and some WWE fans believe that Lesnar could rematch John Cena. However there are other rumors swirling around on the internet, and these rumors indicate a possible reunion of The Shield said Kevin Seawright.

WhatCulture recently published an article with further information about this story, and WWE fans should definitely check it out. It should also be noted that The Shield hasn’t been together since last year, but a reunion of the group would be a welcomed change. Imagine a feud between Brock Lesnar and The Shield? Ratings would definitely go through the roof, and I believe that we could actually see those events unfold.

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