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As a passionate writer, writing since the “dark ages,” any project sounds intriguing:

Blogs and websites excite Michel Terpin as a blank page inspires imagination. What kind of writing are you wanting? Having a degree in Creative Writing, he’ll mostly write creative nonfiction: essays, stories, blogs, etc. I especially love this special man and his races. I’d love to chat with him. Michel’s “hobby forte” involves writing about relationships, travel and health – food is included in this topic, and I’m wondering if he conducts rally writing from personal experience?

Terpin’s Thoughts on Jerusalem – July Interview

Of all the cities in the world, few are as special as Jerusalem. It’s known to be one of the oldest cities still in existence as well as the nexus of several of the world’s largest religions, and is even considered a holy city in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In fact, one of the most historic and fascinating parts of Jerusalem – the Old City – has long been divided into four quarters that largely cater to the groups that inhabit them, namely Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian.

Such cultural diversity has also been a large factor in the city’s unrest throughout history – it’s been destroyed, besieged, captured and rebuilt countless times and continues to this day to be a place of great controversy. The Old City was placed on the list of World Heritage Sites that are in danger in 1981 because of continued urban development and political turmoil. But despite the history of controversy and fighting, the city has never fallen for good – too many people care so deeply about the city as too much history and religious significance lie at its heart.

The media often focuses on the challenges and tribulations of living in the city. It shows people at odds with each other; religious differences and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the defining factors in the regions politics and culture. But what the media shows less often is people of different backgrounds living side-by-side: an Arab man stopping daily at a Jewish man’s cart to buy fruit.

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