How Michel Terpins became a fan favorite.

Michel Terpins, son of Jack Terpins, is a well known and respected rally driver in Brazil. He is an accomplished driver having taken home some awards form his endeavors in the sport as well as achieved a lot of personal fulfillment in a sport that he holds dear. His dalliance with cars began when he shifted from the cross country into rallying some years back. His brother had been very persuasive and actively encouraged him to join him in the same as he believed that he would do well in the rally scene. His belief in Michel stemmed from the fact that over the years especially during the time that he was in the cross country championship he had been able to archive so much rising from a junior rider to become one of the most dominant champions that had ever graced the Brazilian cross country championship. Michel Terpins had grown up watching his father dominate sports especially as a basketball player who represented both club and nation in various events. Although after retirement his father went into real estate and other businesses he remained very influential in sports and was appointed by the president as the chairman of the Brazilian sports association where he was responsible for implementing various changes to enhance the country’s sports abilities. The father would actively engage his sons on the power of sports and was very supportive of them when they joined motorsports. Today Michel Terpins is a crowd favorite as he takes on every new edition of the Sertoes rally in his home country of Brazil. This is one of the most watched events in the Brazilian sports calendar and has been known to draw a lot of interest both from within and outside Brazil. The Rally has been organized for a record 25 editions, and Michel has been able to participate in eight of the same since he began rallying. As his skills as a driver continue to get better, he hopes that he can participate in coming editions and give better performances than in the previous competitions. This is one of the reason his fans have remained loyal to him.