Black Card

They say that nine out of ten new business start-ups fail, due to many reasons. But with Billy McFarland, just the opposite is true. Nine out of ten new business start-ups with which he is involved, succeed.

McFarland started his first business at the ripe young age of 13. It helps local businesses find customers successfully. When he was but a freshman in college at Bucknell University, he started Spling, a specialty company that remakes the URL of a business into a graphic.

This enables a great deal of flexibility in helping to brand the company and improve content for marketing purposes. McFarland is the CEO of this still successful and profitable concern.

In 2013 at the age of 23, Billy McFarland launched a company named Magnises, which is geared solely towards millennials and their needs. Whether an individual is just starting out at a new job or is entrenched in a career, Magnises is a unique and fun company for which they can become involved.

For the $250 annual membership fee, millennials can join and get impressive discounts and perks at many of their favorite hangouts such as restaurants, clubs, bars, events, nightspots, travel, concerts, and special occasions.

An exclusive “Black Card” copies the information from the member’s credit or debit card onto its magnetic strip and is used for payment at the appropriate business partners while at the same time applying the discount.

Membership has gone through the roof at the two current locations of New York City and Washington, with well over 10,000 active members. The numbers keep growing too, as the Black Card has become quite the status possession. Members enthusiastically endorse anyone in their group to join, if they haven’t already because it is deemed necessary to meet the right people.

Millennials are described by McFarland as those young entrepreneurs, professionals, and manager types who are moving up in their careers and fall in the age range of 21 through 35. They thrive on socializing, getting together, bragging about their exploits, and exchanging business contacts.

The overwhelming success in these few short years has spurred the thoughts of expansion to other metro areas where more millennials are anxiously awaiting Magnises to arrive. The future looks very positive, indeed for Billy McFarland.

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