Michel Terpins takes part in yet another successful edition of the Sertoes rally.

The T-Rex #322 took part in the 25th edition of the Sertoes rally which was held in August 2017 this was a continuation of the Bull Sertoes rally team culture of participating in almost all editions of the same since their inception. The team has been able to achieve a lot over the years, and despite the various challenges that would initially face it they were able to develop into quite an incredible outfit. The team was among the hundreds of participants who turned up for the competition in their various categories. Michel Terpins and Justo were in the T1 prototype category, and for an event that was meant to take the competitors through a three thousand kilometers all terrain route, it was important that there mental and physical preparation be near perfect as well as their car that is developed by MEM motorsport. The edition would go through three states and a number of cities culminating in a total of seven stages covering a total distance of three thousand kilometers. The race would prove to be a challenge as expected given that it involved 2200 kilometers of timed stages which would require skill and accuracy in order to navigate the terrains that include rough roads, gravel, and river crossings. The 25th edition was one that would define the true meaning of a cross-country rally. Michel terpins relying on the skills of his navigator was able to complete the fourth stage of the circuit. The stage took them from Aruanã / GO headed towards Barra do Garças / MT and emerge top of the category this was a defining moment for them, and it meant that moving forward they had whatever it took to challenge the other teams. The Bull Sertoes rally team enjoys the backing of several sponsors and at the same time takes part in environmental conservation efforts they are determined to keep the team intact and as such maintain its ability to compete. By being part of the carbon-free certified vehicles, the #322 has been part of an effort to continue planting trees that will in future cater for all the Carbon gases released during each event.