The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” Reaches Diamond Status As They Become 2nd Highest Paid DJs Worldwide

The last couple years have been big ones for The Chainsmokers as their success keeps growing and the accolades keep rolling in. They were recently named to Forbes list of highest paid DJ’s at the 2nd spot. Artists like Diplo and Steve Aoki were also on the list in lower positions than The Chainsmokers.

As of August, The Chainsmokers have pulled in an impressive $45.5 million dollars from their music. A large chunk of this revenue comes from their residency with Wynn Nightlife who pays the duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall a 6 figure income per each show that they do from the company. When Forbes published their list, The Chainsmokers had done more than 100 sets for Wynn Nightlife in 2018 alone. With everything that has been happening in their career at such a rapid pace, Alex Pall says he is curious to see what happens with The Chainsmokers next.

Alex Pall was raised in and around New York City and was working in an area art gallery when he had a talk with his manager Adam Alpert about making taking his career in music to the next level. It was at this point when he was introduced to Drew Taggart who was at the time attending Syracuse University. The 2 had an immediate connection musically and The Chainsmokers as they are known today immediately started working on music. Taggart had heard about the spot opening up and immediately was interested. The Chainsmokers started out by creating remixes of indie music before they began creating hits that were entirely their own.

One of the most popular songs released by The Chainsmokers is their single “Closer” which was recorded with the singer Halsey. While Halsey and the DJ duo had already built up considerable fan bases before the single’s release, they quickly skyrocketed in popularity and officially reached superstardom as the hit reached the top spot on the charts in several countries around the world. “Closer”, which is off of their album Memories… Do Not Open, recently hit diamond status for sales of 10 million units.