Brad Reifler: Moving From Success to Success

Brad Reifler can be described as a serial businessman who started his career way back in 1980, with a company he named after himself the Reifler Trading Company or RTC.

The company started off by managing discretionary accounts and went on to do information dissemination, institutional research, execution services and global derivative advisory.

Basically, RTC went on to become one of the most successful business in its field and it was sold to Refco Inc, which is one of the largest futures companies in the world. Today he runs another company he found named Forefront Capital LLC.

Mr. Reifler’s thirst for success was evident even when he was working at RTC. While working there, he found a second company called Pali Capital in 1995, which focused on the equity market, which also went on to become highly successful.

He ran Pali for nearly 13 years before moving on to do other things. He is considered a pioneer of sorts in the method of combining top-notch research and analysis and then using that information to train the sales team in how to make the proper pitch. It worked. Because in the time he was at Pali the company did well over a $1 billion in sales commissions.

Today, with over 30 years of experience in the financial world, Brad Reifler is a sought after consultant. PR Newswire stated that Brad Reifler has started yet another company named Forefront Capital. The company has several subsidiaries.

And through this company Brad Reifler continues to work with multinational corporations around the world, where he gets to put his knowledge in dealing with financial problems, to use.

Forefront Capitals main area of focus is investment banking, market services, and investment management. In a nutshell, Forefront Capital is making life easier for investors wishing to get a toehold into various markets.

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