A simplified look at some of the skills Nick Vertucci teaches at his Academy.

The Nick Vertucci, real estate academy, is a premium academy that teaches its students how to turn from novice investors into gurus who are capable of becoming financially independent from the industry. They are experts in various areas that include

Wholesaling and flipping contracts.

This involves the sale and of buying homes and commercial real estate spaces on the low and then selling them off for wholesale prices and in the process returning a profit.

Rehabbing and flipping properties.

Rehabilitating homes and commercial properties is a skill that every real estate investor requires. This involves identifying the changes that need to be made on the house, identifying the right person to do it and allocating a reasonable budget for the same. This may seem like a simple and straightforward job until you realize the actual amount of work that is involved. Identifying the right contractor for the job is always a challenge for many, and at times they may end up doing a shoddy job. Budgeting is also very important as overshooting it may lead to losses or making the house too expensive for prospective buyers.

Buying and holding properties for long-term cash flow.

This was one of the essential skills that Nick Vertucci developed during the 2007/2008 financial crisis. By identifying good investment opportunities and realizing that he could not flip them quick, he was able to learn how to hold properties over the long-term, and he is now glad he did.

Commercial investments and Leveraging your IRA and 401K to fund investments

Nick Vertucci teaches his students on the ins and outs of financing in order to acquire real estate. He had been able to bring in experts in refinancing and leveraging 401k as part of his training.

Asset protection.

This is the art of insuring property; Nick Vertucci stresses that it is a very important aspect of any investment as no one knows what tomorrow holds.