Rodrigo Terpins; the legendary rally driver who dared to dream

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most decorated, talented and skilled rally drivers in Brazil. This unique gift seems to run in the family as his brother; Michael Terpins is also a celebrated race-car driver. His father, Jack Terpins was also a legendary basketball player, well-renowned businessman and President of Latin American Jewish Council. Rodrigo seems to have borrowed the entrepreneurial and sportsmanship aspect from family. The 41-year-old Rodrigo believes that his dedication, persistence, love for the race, discipline, and hunger for success facilitated his steady progress throughout his career.


The Terpin brothers participate in professional circuit racing. Rodrigo, in particular, has been tested on all kinds of terrains including the Sertoes Rally which is said to be the toughest in Brazilian soil. His love for the adrenaline rush and skills in rallies has seen him clinch the winners’ trophies from time to time. While everyone in a career will insist on skills, hard work and talent, Rodrigo includes the love for the subject.


Apart from being a sportsman, Rodrigo Terpins took to business in 2008, where he joined T5 Partipacoes. His primary objective in joining the company was to organize huge competitions to satisfy rally fanatics’ needs. With a degree in business management from Saint Hilaire, he acquired the necessary skills to nurture and grow T5 Participacoes. You can visit Ideamensch for more.


He drew more inspiration from his success at T5 Participacoes and went further into the business while still maintaining his motor career. Rodrigo Terpins founded Floresvale in which he stated he was in search of establishing a sustainable yet environmental friendly business. Floresvale mainly focuses on supplying certified wood. Rodrigo has also made significant investments in the real estate industry in Brazil which solidifies his entrepreneur grounds.


Rodrigo Terpins insists that as much as he ventured into the wood industry he and his partners create awareness on the benefits of conserving the environment and should be conducted with the utmost care. He believes in ethics while in business as it helps you stay longer. Terpins outlines his challenges in both business and sports but comes out stronger to quote his favorite line from Walt Disney, “If you dream it, you can do it.”



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