The Alarming Number of Detained Immigrant Parents are a Real Concern

The increasing number of detained immigrant parents are creating a clear alarm in the American society, per the recent studies. It is identified that at least 10,000 parents of children who are U.S. born citizens detained by the authorities in California every year.

The new revelation came in the light of a report published by Human Rights Watch by cross-verifying the government data availed through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Interestingly, the data covered more than 300,000 detentions of immigrants in various centers in California during the last 4.5 years. The detailed information confirms that many of them are parents of U.S. citizen children.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey:

The situation becomes more complicated with the Trump administration policies that are focusing on detention and deportation of migrants. Various human and migrant rights groups demanded the state of California to pass legislation that ensures humane treatment to such parents, keeping the future of the children in mind.

Due to the increasing detention issues, major human rights organizations feel that there is an urgent need for human rights safeguards while considering the detained people.

The organizations also point out the fact that many of the detainees are experiencing inhuman treatment in the detention centers, including substandard medical care, which increases the number of deaths in custody.

It is now reported that active intervention of human rights groups in the state is creating a strong feeling among the state legislatures as well, and the assembly is planning to allocate US$15 million for the lawyers of migrants who are detained in the state. It also plans to come up with Senate Bill 29 that will ensure specific detention standards for California jails.

It will ensure medical care, privacy, access to legal assistance, freedom from harassment, and more. Now, various human rights and migrant rights groups in the state hope that the condition will become better after the implementation of new measures. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey:

The active interventions of various human and migrant rights groups around the world have made the lives of migrants easier. It should be noted that the migrants face widespread human and migrant rights violations by the influential people of the host countries. Often they are underpaid, experience slavery, denying medical care, face hostility, and more.

The migrant and human rights organizations, like Human Rights Watch, have the network across the globe and raises various issues through media and other channels. The other prominent groups include Amnesty International, National Immigration Law Center, National Immigration Project, and more.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund in Arizona is a similar initiative that ensures the human and migrant rights in Arizona. It was instituted by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two prominent journalists from Phoenix. They established the Fund using the settlement amount they received while challenging their illegal arrest by Maricopa County Sheriff on October 18, 2007. Both were arrested for reporting an undocumented grand jury proceeding that curtails the freedom of journalists.

They approached Federal Court of Appeals and got relieved from the charges with a compensation amount of $3.75 million from the county. Using the amount, they set up the Fund for assisting groups that are backing human and migrant rights in Arizona.

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Human Rights Advocates-Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are dedicated to helping people who are immigrants in the United States of America and want to live their lives like any other person in the country. The two partners Jim and Mike know what immigrants go through because they have experienced that life. They went ahead and created Frontera Fund to assist the minority who in most cases do not have a voice. For an extended period, they have had a passion to make a difference in the world as they positively influence the corrupt world.

Jim and Lacey are journalists by profession, and they wanted to impact people’s lives with their career, and so they mostly reported on issues affecting the nation especially the minority in the community. The two brave souls have been fighting for the rights of immigrants from South America, Caribbean, Mexico, as well as Central America. Through their organization, Frontera Fund the immigrates benefits from the funds raised to have a better life in the United States of America. While still in college the two immigrants who have purposed to make it in the foreign country established Phoenix News-Times which has become one of the widely accept journals in the United States. The two went ahead to write about the Maricopa County Sheriff being investigated by the State Prosecutor. Joe Arpaio who is the Maricopa County Sheriff wanted the two journalists arrested for posting the information on their website.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are also authors on Front Page Confidence, a journal which was created to inform the world about important news. Mike and Jim are devoted to giving the world important news on history, commentary, as well as on their freedom of speech and how it can affect them in the future. According to a report from First Amendment Michael Lacey was recently released from prison after paying a bond worth millions. Mike and Jim will not stop to advocate for human as well as civil rights of immigrants.


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