Aaron Lupuloff is a true community helper in every sense of the word. He is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, which does an enormous job helping not only students, but teachers, as well!Aaron Lupuloff has been helping the community to achieve new goals every year, and along with it students benefit from the Gwinnett County Public Schools- through his benevolent foundation! His view is to help deserving students with scholarships, contests, embraces teaching, and has a view that doing so will benefit the academic leadership of tomorrow.

Now, Mr. Lupuloff serves on other boards and foundations. His life is truly one of dedication and service. He is the founding and past board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. Additionally, he serves on the University of Georgia Disability Resource Center for Students, where he generously funds three scholarships for students! He actively supports Camp Twin Lakes, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Partners Against Domestic Violence, and the Norcross High School Foundation. Moreover, these are just some of his works; the truth is there are many more!

On a personal level, Mr. Lupuloff earned his Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Alabama, and has diligently worked in the financial industry since 1982. He has been employed with prestigious financial services houses such as Bear Sterns JP Morgan, and Raymond James. Recently he has been affiliated with Fifth Third an expanding fixed income group.

According to gazetteday.com, what is truly admirable about Aaron Lupuloff is that he gets things done. He analyzes the needs of the community, rolls up his sleeves, and gets things done. He believes in asking citizens for their ideas, and values their insights. He knows it is not just those who can afford to make donations who are important, but those who help in the think tank process. He hold whiteboard sessions in his foundations; this allows progress and advancement. Everyone is valuable and has ideas. One of Aaron Lupuloff’s favorite books is the Change Agent by Damon West. It teaches one how to have a positive effect on their community. We thank you Arron Lupuloff for your commitment to the community, and all of the benevolence you model for others. For this, many people have benefited. You are a credit to humanity! For more details about Aaron you can visit affiliatedork.com