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Luke Lazarus` Inputs in the Success of Startups

Luke Lazarus is a successful and experienced startup consultant based in Melbourne. His passion for his career started at a very young age, and this pushed him to earn an executive MBA at the age of 24. Within a period of less than 9yrs, Luke had managed to start four new firms and later sold them.

He enables his clients to make sound decisions, especially in the initial stages of a company. He has worked with CEOs and managers who have found his services very helpful in structuring the foundation of their business enterprises. He has assisted innovators with failing startups to come back to business. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

Luke`s operations are quite strategic as he prioritizes what is best for a startup. He never compromises his professional ethics, and thus, he is always honest with his clients.

He has the capacity to pinpoint a start up`s strengths and weaknesses with the latter being of major interest to him — he advised his clients to clearly define their business plans and restructure them if need be. His services are diverse as he gives a professional opinion about core aspects of a start-up such as partnerships, financial projections, records and market insights of a brand.

Luke Lazarus has developed well-planned approaches that facilitate the growth of a product. He engages his clients in conversations that enable them to express their objectives in a start-up. His compelling stories have enabled investors to find the need to outline a simple and supple description of their product.

This eventually translates into mega sales. Over the years, the startup consultant has found the essentiality of identifying customer influential mechanisms before the launch of a brand. This enables Luke`s client to carry out thorough research more so in e-commerce. It also helps in the identification of the existing competition.

Thoroughness and patience are the consultant`s character. He always ensures that he guides his clients in various ways to maximize profitability. He strives to oversee that every startup`s leadership team has the ability to scrutinize the management of cash flow by every stakeholder.

This demand for enthusiastic and committed leaders whose integrity enables them to oversee that transparency runs in all the operations of the enterprise in question. His optimistic nature is an eye-opener to many investors as it enables them to find solutions to their problems and channel them in the market place.

He encourages the leaders to invest more in capacity building as this result inconsistency in the flow of new ideas. The new ideas should be implemented into the business plan appropriately, and this contributes to its progressive growth. He is a pillar in the entrepreneurship sector whose step should be emulated for a high startup success rate.

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Vijay Eswaran: QI Group’s Executive Chairman Inspires The Masses

The QI Group and the QI Group of companies is a multinational company that is involved in various types of businesses. Education, hospitality, retail, and financial services are only to name a few of the types of businesses the company is engaged in. Founded in 1998, QI Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur with operations in over 30 countries. The company’s Co-Founder, Vijay Eswaran, currently serves as QI Group’s Executive Chairman.

Vijay Eswaran

Born in Malaysia, Mr. Eswaran worked a number of part-time jobs to fund his higher education pursuits. He later earned his degree in Socio-Economics and his Master of Business Administration degree from the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University, respectively. During after his academic and life, Mr. Eswaran worked at various companies in North America and Southeast Asia as an information systems engineer while also being involved in multilevel marketing. Notably, he once worked for Systematics, a subsidiary of IBM.


In the early 1980s, Mr. Eswaran traveled to several countries in Europe. As part of his travels, he visited an Italian monastery whose order was known for forbidding speech. Taking a “33-day vow of silence”, this experience later led him to write five inspirational books. These five books are “In the Sphere of Silence,” “In the Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones,” “On the Wings of Thought,” and “Two Minutes from the Abyss”. His most recent publication titled, “As I See It…” is a collection of Mr. Eswaran’s writings and speeches. It includes his personal thoughts and observations of the world.


In a recent YouTube post dated May 8th of 2019, Mr. Eswaran talks about turning negative energy into “solutions” through perseverance. Titled “Never Stop Trying,” the video begins with Mr. Eswaran speaking to an audience. Microphone in hand, he says “we can choose every day to complain, till the cows come home. We can complain, and complain, and complain because, unfortunately, that’s what society has taught us to do. Or you can turn that energy into solutions.”

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Desert Hope Treatment Center, An American Addiction Center Facility, Debuts Salute To Recovery Program To Provide Help To Veterans Suffering from Addiction

The Desert Hope Treatment Center, one of the many facilities of the American Addiction Center, and one of the leading providers of substance use treatment services, recently launched its Salute To Recovery Program. It aims to provide assistance to veterans who are struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and other co-occurring mental health issues.

Salute to Recovery Program

The Salute to Recovery program enables Desert Hope Treatment Center to provide a specialized program dedicated to providing solutions on the distinct challenges that veterans face and assisting them on their way to recovery.

Desert Hope Treatment Center chief executive officer Ambrozino Storr said that they want the veterans to feel that it took a massive amount of courage to reach out to others. The CEO added that the Desert Hope Treatment Center would like them to know that they consider it as an honor and privilege to provide for them a safe place where they could find healing and hope.

Storr understands that most veterans have a lot of pride and being vulnerable could be very challenging on their part considering that they are perceived as heroes by the society.

The American Addiction Centers, the parent company of Desert Hope Treatment Center conducted research on the veterans’ state of substance abuse and mental health. The research reveals that only 50 percent of service members returning from the field actually sought treatment of their mental health.

Around 60 percent to 80 percent of Vietnam war veterans were diagnosed with alcohol abuse disorder. Over 4 in 5 veterans cited physical or mental limitations are reasons for their inability to work following their service in the military. As a designated Veterans Choice Provider, Desert Hope Treatment Center could have the veterans care charged to the Veterans Administration. In fact, most of the staff who lead the Salute to Recovery programs are veterans themselves. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Through the Salute To Recovery program, veterans can learn more about addiction as a disease, as well as the coping skills, that they will need in their journey to recovery. The available therapies include narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Desert Hope Treatment Center also offers EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

This is a form of physiotherapy treatment for patients dealing with trauma. Narrative therapy, on the other hand, is a process where patients learn to alter the narrative of their story by concentrating on their abilities and strengths. Desert Hope Treatment Center through the Salute To recovery program, would like the veterans to know that they are not alone in their battle, Desert Hope Treatment Center CEO said.

What is American Addiction Centers?

The American Center s is the leading provider of substance abuse treatment all over the US. It offers treatments and services to clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, mental health issues, and behavioral health issues.

The American Addiction Centers is the only publicly traded company in the addiction treatment industry. It has a high success rate which is two times the national average rate. American Addiction Centers have been mentioned in various news and media outfits, this includes Daily Mail, Fox News, Forbes, and USA Today.

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How Luke Lazarus Develops IPO Excellence

Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant. He graduated from Melbourne Business School with an executive MBA at the age of 24. He was blessed with success early and often. Before his 33rd birthday, Mr. Lazarus had successfully started, managed, and sold several companies. Today, he advises firms planning IPOs.

There are two critical reasons why Luke Lazarus’ skills are in high demand. First of all, 90% of new startups fail before they complete 5 operations years. Secondly, Lazarus is good at what he does. His track record would suggest that he is among the best. For a promising startup, what Lazarus offers is precious.

How to Improve Small Business

Mr. Lazarus believes that success in bringing along startups must consistently move toward establishing a business model. For existing companies that are not meeting their expectations, he helps to reestablish their niche. Lazarus focuses on helping leaders make the best use of their plans and projections. Among the specific areas that Lazarus targets include:

  • business plans
  • presentations for investors
  • improving operations
  • financial projections
  • market research
  • go-to-market strategies

Each of these aspects alone can improve a business. However, failing in a single area could be the cause for never making it past year five or not reaching full IPO potential. Furthermore, Lazarus does not just specialize in a specific area of business. His success is proven in all areas. Understanding relationships between business persons, departments, stages of developments are very costly lessons to learn through experience. He is able to tailor approaches to each specific IPO. Mr. Lazarus provides direction through the challenges. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Busines

Maximizing IPO Opportunities

Businesses do merely rely upon Lazarus to help grow their business over the long-term. Rather, the modern economy has developed a curious, and yet, attractive characteristic. In a world governed by technology, IPOs are much more likely to become the goose that lays the golden egg than ever before.

Make no mistake, becoming a serial (or super) entrepreneur is a bit like winning the lottery. It is naive to rely on one individual to achieve greatness.

Nevertheless, for tech companies and businesses that leverage technology, networking with Lazarus gives them a good chance at realizing their potential. It becomes clear that companies are fighting for Luke Lazarus’ time and attention.


Luke Lazarus is a master at using dedicate planning to elevate small business operations. He brings a high level of experience to help companies identify their issues, perceive areas that may become problematic, regain optimum operations, and overall, deliver greater value.

Startups, IPOs, and businesses in reorganization mode need someone who can provide a solid foundation. Both types of enterprises need to realize success early and often without jeopardizing the future of their companies. Luke Lazarus is a conduit for businesses who are committed to making it to the other side where success is a part of daily operations.

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A Quick Guide To Plastic Surgery Via Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar is grown into a preeminent plastic surgeon in the state of Texas. This board-certified plastic surgeon is gifted beyond belief, and he truly has a passion for working in this dynamic field. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar completed his medical studies from the University of Michigan School of Medicine. After graduating from this top-25 medical school, he went on to complete his residency training from a number of medical centers in Michigan. As of 2019, Dr. Jejurikar has a successful career working at Dallas Plastic Surgery Center. This is one of the top medical-aesthetic centers in the Southern United States.

As the amount of plastic-surgical procedures increase, the actual increase in medical complications has commenced. To take safety to the next level, Jejurikar has partnered with a number of other plastic surgeons to start the Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This special team of board-certified plastic surgeons are changing the game by implementing newer safety protocols. This dynamic team does a lot of brainstorming for ideas, and Dr. Jejurikar travels on a regular basis to speak about the issues around the globe. With the skyrocketing of the Brazilian butt lift, the chances of getting an embolism has been drastically decreased thanks to this new research.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works his magic in the operating room by performing a number of plastic surgeries for the eyes, breast, body and face. The Brazilian butt lift is another one of his specialties, and this is why he pushes so hard to incorporate new safety protocols. This man has his very own skin care line of products. In addition to that, this skin care line is composed of medical-grade ingredients. All in all, this only scratches the surface to what Dr. Jejurikar has brought to the table, but who knows how much farther he will go in the future.

Alastair Borthwick Lived The Life Of An Adventurer And An Author

The Scottish towns of Troon and Rutherglen were a couple of the childhood homes for one of the countries most beloved and celebrated literary figures. The individual in question here is Alastair Borthwick. He also spent a large amount of his younger years in the city of Glasgow. 1929 marked the entrance of Alastair Borthwick into the workforce when he joined Glasgow’s Herald newspaper. At first, Alastair Borthwick worked as a copytaker. This led to him becoming an editor for the newspaper. It was through this work that he became aware of a new pastime that many of Glasgow’s working class citizens were participating in. This is the activity of hillwalking and soon, Alastair Borthwick became deeply involved in this adventure of an activity himself.

Though Alastair Borthwick worked for London’s Daily Mirror for a short period of time, he soon was back where he felt more at home in Glasgow. After this, he entered the broadcasting industry as a correspondent on BBC radio. Not long after this, the first of the two most celebrated of Alastair Borthwick’s works were published. This was his book Always A Little Further, a work that captures his experiences in the hillwalking scene. It is in this celebrated work that Alastair Borthwick is legendary for his ability to describe in a manner that captures the imagination. In many ways, this book is a perfect time capsule of the period it was written in and about.

When World War II broke out, Alastair Borthwick found himself in the service of the British military. This experience is what led to his 1946 work by the name of Sans Peur. He vividly captured his experiences in the war in this work that further solidified him as a truly unique and important figure in the literary lexicon. Over the rest of his life, Alastair Borthwick would go on with a successful career in broadcasting and eventually moved into the realm of television during the 1960s. Even though he was highly successful in all of these endeavours, he will always be remembered best for the wonderful works of literature that he has left to the world. 

American Addiction Centers Steps In to Help Veterans Who Are Battling Addiction 

Many veterans who come back from deployment, unfortunately, have mental issues. It can be damaging to a person to have to leave their families and possibly go to war. For this reason, it is important for treatment centers to be available for veterans who need mental help or care for addiction.

Desert Hope Treatment Center has done something remarkable in honor of Military Appreciation Month. They have introduced a new program called Salute to Recovery Program.

This program is meant to help veterans who are battling addiction. This program is different from other treatment programs because it is centered on the difficulties that veterans have to endure. One of the main things they have to deal with is post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

One reason that veterans may not reach out is due to pride. They know that many people view them as heroes and do not want to represent in any other way. They may feel like they can move on without treatment; however, many veterans realize they cannot move on without it.

A study was done by American Addiction Centers, who is a partner with Desert Hope Treatment Centers, on veterans and their mental health. They found out that only fifty percent of veterans who need treatment actually seek help. An alarming sixty to eighty percent of Vietnam War veterans have some sort of alcohol abuse disorder.

A great thing about Desert Hope Treatment Center is that many veterans care will be taken care of through the Veterans Administration. Some veterans may be unaware of their mental health care bill could be covered. It is best to simply contact the center.

Desert Hope Treatment Center is a part of the American Addiction Steps family of treatment centers. They are known for helping with the inpatient and outpatient treatment for people dealing with substance abuse.

They help patients who are suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and mental and behavioral health issues. Their treatment centers are located all around the United States. If someone is dealing with a mental health issue or any kind of addiction, it is imperative for them to reach out for help to get the care they need.

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Wes Edens’ Keen Interest In Aston Villa

The businessman, Wes Edens, is a well-known figure in the world of sport. Not as prowess on the court or field but as a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks. Since his ownership, the team has transformed from being the least competitive to a powerhouse. After years of accomplishment in basketball, Wes Edens has set eyes on the international sports arena. He has bought a majority stake in an upcoming England’s Soccer teams, Aston Villa.

England’s premier league is not only one of the most respected but is also a revered sports league in the world. It is home to some of worlds notch players like David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo. Premier league teams earn millions of dollars yearly through endorsements, matches, player deals merchandise and other partners. For savvy investors like Wes Edens, ownership in the league is a lucrative opportunity as it is an alleyway to dramatic investment returns. So, when Edens saw a window in Aston Villa Football Club, he jumped at the chance to own stake in the lucrative team.

The upcoming team, Aston Villa, is jockeying for a position in the renowned Premier League. Any club that joins the league needs to cement its place among the very best. Only 20 teams are allowed into the league due to its prominence. The league is not fixed; the competition is particularly intense because clubs can be ousted out for poor performance.

Aston Villa is striving to improve its position in the football world and return in the premier league. Decades before they were bumped out, the team was a known face on the Premier League Circles. In 1982, the club even won the European Cup. Aston Villa is, in fact among founding members of the league being among the first foot team to participate in the league in 1991.

In recent years, however, the team has failed to do well for several consecutive seasons. Thanks to the support of investors like Wes Edens, Aston Villa is not losing hope. Many fans do not understand the relationship between the team’s ownership and performance. Owners of sports organizations work to help teams shine competitively. Edens has partnered with an Egyptian Billionaire Nassef Sawiris to save the club from extinction.

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Meet Matthew Fleeger: A Talented and Dedicated Leader

If you are an ardent reader, you must have come across the name Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It is actually the managing Venture of the famous Oil & Gas Partnerships, which is also called Joint Ventures. The ambition of this great company is to develop, acquire, and explore domestic oil as well as gas reserves. To achieve this, the company intends to combine talent, experience, resources as well as industry know-how.

This company mainly focuses on the reserves at the Gulf Coast, United States. Mainly, it pays attention to the features with geological and even geophysical benefits in addition to the well-developed structures. Matthew Fleeger works as the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of this great company. The company has made immense achievements due to the open as well as transparent relationships based on the respect and trust gotten as a result of working with honesty as well as integrity.

More about the company

Gulf Coast Western was started in the year 1970. The family-owned company is situated in Dallas. It is situated in Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Its footprint has expanded via two main partnerships. One of these partners, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, has actually acquired assets of the Orbit Energy Partners situated in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Research and exploration

Gulf Western usually focuses on exploration as well as acquisition activities in the area of the Gulf Coast. This area is not only rich in gas and oil, but also there is enough space for expansion. The company has the ambition of expanding their activities to other parts of the United States.

Matthew Fleeger is a graduate from the Southern Methodist University. He graduated from this great institution with a degree in Business Administration. He majored in finance and marketing during his undergraduate education. He utilised the skills learnt in the oil as well as gas companies.