Solving Charger Frustrations with MAGFAST

MAGFAST Founder and CEO Seymour Segnit envisioned a product that would change the way people thought of chargers forever. Segnit was not the only person frustrated by all the chargers he needed for his devices. The company blew past its fund-raising goal of $300k on its way to raising over $1.6 million.

The MAGFAST charger family provides a full suite of products that can be purchased individually or as a complete kit. The goal was to create one charging system that could meet the needs of any user. A design requirement was to eliminate the tangle of wires a user had to deal with. Cables are also the most likely part of a charging system to break. Another design goal was to make the system fully portable so users would be less likely to forget a charger when traveling.

The components of the MAGFAST charger system connect magnetically, and they can charge other MAGFAST components using inductive charging. For instance, the power-bank unit easily snaps onto the wall unit magnetically to charge. Once charged, the power bank can charge devices by either using built-in cables, USB-A or USB-C ports, or through wireless induction charging assuming your device supports that method. The wall charger has international versions to support Type B, E, F or G outlets.

For those who spend a lot of time in a car, the MAGFAST Road charger has all the same features as the wall charger but has some additional interesting features. The Road charger has a built-in flashlight which can come in handy during late-night car troubles. There is also an “Extreme” version of the power-bank. This unit can store and deliver enough power to jump-start a car.