The RealReal Emerges with IPO Outlook

The RealReal is taking a leadership role when it comes to luxury consignment. This is evident when people look at the way that Julie Wainwright is moving. When they look at the possibilities that exist with luxury consignment items they know that this is a market that is thriving. Investors that want to find a trendy company that is also going to be able to become a great long-term investment cannot overlook the RealReal.

Julie Wainwright is an investor that is getting all of her ducks in a row. With the opening of a physical store in NYC Julie Wainwright is positioning the RealReal to become the type of company that can stand and deliver.

It takes a lot of tenacity to transition from cyber store to brick and mortar store. Wainwright does not have any plans to close down the website. This is where a large amount of revenue has been gained by loyal customers that like this authentic luxury consignment concept. She does, however, realize that there is a growing demand for luxury items that people can get access to instantly. This is one of the reasons why other cyber store giants like Amazon have taken to more brick-and-mortar pick up locations.

The RealReal has become a dominant force when it comes to luxury handbags, clothing, watches and artwork. These are things that people would like to own, but they would not like to pay a fortune for these items. A large number of people are fine with getting used items if they can get these items at a discounted price. That has become one of the main reasons why this business has done so well.

It has become an excellent resource for all of those that are interested in building a better wardrobe of quality items without spending a fortune to do so.

A growing number of people that look to what is available with this company are looking at the IPO possibilities. Some people that are spending their money with The RealReal also want to invest in this company because they can see a greater potential.”