Ara Chackerian: Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Dedicated Philanthropist

There are a number of forestry professionals, such as Ara Chackerian, who constantly emphasize the importance of our planet’s wilderness areas. They play an important role in providing venues for sports and recreation, while also giving us natural resources like lumber. Ara Chackerian works with various clients and partners, whom he provides with the knowledge and tools required to protect wilderness areas, and also find opportunities for harvesting resources from these areas.


It is important to work towards protecting our wilderness areas and the animal populations that reside in them. Intense storms, fires and droughts all pose major threats to to these areas, and carefully considered forestry techniques are important to the repairing and preservation of these areas after one of these incidents.


Another thing that society needs to keep in mind is the fact that each forest and wilderness area is its own unique environment. As such, we nee to take unique conditions into account when coming up with a precise plan to manage that area’s resources. Visit for more details.


Ara Chackerian, and some other professionals in the forestry industry, believe in advocating for the harvesting of forests’ revenue in a sustainable way that allows these areas to be preserved for years to come. Forestry, however, is also only one of Ara Chackerian’s many passions and areas of expertise.




Philanthropy, angel investing and entrepreneurship are all areas that Ara Chackerian has made his impact in. Mr. Chackerian’s role as the Managing Director at ASC Capital Holdings LLC is to make investment decisions regarding healthcare companies that are in the early stages of their operation. Chackerian has gained a lot of experience building healthcare companies over the years, which has now added up to over two decades.


Florida State University was the institution from which Mr. Chackerian received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and he has shown a strong dedication to giving back over the years. His efforts in philanthropy have positively impacted people’s lives in Nicaragua, the United States and Armenia. You can visit for more info.