James River Capital CEO Gives Leadership Tips

James River Capital was founded and purchased from another firm by the name of Kidder in 1995. The founder of James River Capital is Paul Saunders. The company is currently home-based in Richmond, Virginia and focuses its investment strategy in the areas of corporate credit, asset-backed securities, equity strategies, and much more. Paul Saunders is not just a founder of the company but he is also the chief executive officer and chairman. Paul Saunders holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration that he obtained from the University of Virginia and he also holds a Master’s in business administration that he obtained from the University of Chicago. Paul Saunders has a long history and is an expert in investment banking and trading. Mr. Saunders is heavily involved in philanthropy and has recently started his own foundation called the Saunders Family Foundation.

According to Paul Saunders the skills that an effective leader needs to develop is how to motivate people to come together on one accord. If this can be done then the individual leading this group will be able to get the most out of each and every individual talent. If a person is put into a leadership role and they are not a natural leader an experienced leader can take this individual under their wing and give them the proper mentoring and coaching to develop their leadership capabilities. In most cases leaders are born but, in some cases, leaders have to be developed. There are 6 different leadership styles that any leader or potential leader should consider using. These six different leadership styles are transformational leadership, democratic leadership, directing leadership, teaching leadership, advising leadership, and empowering leadership. If an individual focus on understanding each of these leadership styles they can then hone in on the leadership style that works best for them and focus on mastering the leadership style in order to become an effective leader.