The History of Todd Lubar

The Baltimore area suffered tremendous devastation during the real estate crisis. To combat the negative outcome, Maryland changed numerous regulations. The new set of regulations is more consumer-friendly. Due to these changes, the number of foreclosures slowed and people began to gain more confidence and drive to become homeowners.

With more people wanting to own their own homes, people like Todd Lubar are beginning to like a Baltimore as a possible investment. Todd Lubar is a Syracuse University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He’s always had a love for real estate related interests as well as helping others. So, after graduated in 1995, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

He started out as a loan originator. It didn’t take long before he realized that real estate is where he belonged. Although he’s fascinated with every aspect of the industry, he took a special interest in conservative mortgage banking. The skills he learned at Crestar served him well later in his career.

Mr. Todd Lubar always knew he would outgrow Crestar, so he began building his own relationships. He got to know dozens of insurance agents, CPAs, financial planners, and countless real estate agents. He stayed with Crestar Mortgage for four years. He still uses many of those connections today.

In 1999, he moved on to Legacy Financial Group. This decision was a major step toward becoming the man he is today. He joined Legacy Financial in an equity position. His new role allowed him to expand his lending capabilities. He often broker loans to outside investors as well as loaned as a direct mortgage bank. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

After spending years mastering all he could about mortgage lending, he started his firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Properties is a traditional residential development company. They buy, rehab, and sell all types of properties for a profit. Their property types range from single-family homes to multi-family buildings.

What makes Lubar’s firm so great is the many relationships he formed before and after the launch of his company. He has an industry network that includes experienced professionals in all areas of the construction process. This network of professionals allows him to produce quality structures in a timely manner.

Over the years, Todd Lubar became involved with other business, including commercial demolition and scrap metal recycling. Now, his primary focus is helping Baltimore natives become homeowners. To know more you can search it on

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