Greg Secker-The Successful Trader.

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who was born in 1975. His business expertise lies in the area of foreign exchange. He also educates on international financial trading to interested parties.

Further to this, he has written various books on financial freedom. His books each covers a unique aspect of monetary trading. He started off his career as a trading technologist. He took up the role while at Thomas Cook Financial services.

It was there where he developed various foreign exchange trading systems. His innovations saw him get awarded the British Telecom Award in 1998. This was after the creation of the Virtual Trading Desk. This was an independent online forex training platform.

Greg Secker became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. This was at twenty-five years of age. He later set up a trading floor in his living room. His passion for forex trading pushed him to retire in 2003.

His retirement was so that he could become a full-time forex trader. The Knowledge to Action Group was later founded. This was as a result of mentoring people on trading strategies. The Greg Secker foundation was founded in 2010. This was a non-profit organization. It was aimed at improving the quality of life of people from all over the world.

Additionally, the Greg Secker foundation has partnered with youth forums. The collaboration aims to improve education. Also, life and leadership skills among communities have bettered. Greg Secker visited the Philippines. He initiated a “Build a house, Build a home” initiative. The initiative was aimed at building a hundred permanent houses in Lemery for the needy.

Greg Secker initiated FX capital which was a forex investment service. This service worked for managed accounts. He also established Learn to trade Company. The company grew to become the largest trading training company.

It had operations in England, South Africa, Philippines and Australia. Smart charts were also among the trading systems that he developed. This grew to be one of the most effective Forex systems in the world. His passion for the forex trading industry has been a motivation to Greg Secker. The drive to make traders’ lives more comfortable and better has made him successful.

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