Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes in Our Jail

I work in our jail and see first hand how crime is on the rise between inmates and officers, visitors, and even each other. It can be a struggle each day going to work knowing that you might not be coming home to see your family because these inmates want nothing more than to take one of officers out. The inmates servicing life sentences have nothing to lose, and one second of distraction could spell real trouble.


To try and slow down the flow of drugs and weapons in the jail, we monitor visitor visits very carefully. One tiny weapon handed to a prisoner could mean serious trouble for the person on the other end of that item. Each day we spend countless hours just trying to keep every type of contraband out of the jail. That being said, these inmates seem to always have their hands on something that could really injure another.


We used to monitor the inmates calls with little success on the old call system, that is until Securus Technologies installed a new communication system that changed the way we prevent crimes in the jail. To hear it from Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees all have the objective of making the world safer for everyone. We decided to put them to the test.


Once I was trained on the LBS software, I was able to identify chatter between inmates that changed how we find weapons in jail. Listening to specific chatter, we discovered where the inmates were hiding these weapons in their calls, how they were getting their hands on these items, and even when certain threats were supposed to be executed. Now we have a jump on the attacks and have drastically cut down on the amount of violence in our jail thanks to Securus Technologies.


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