Securus Technologies Bags the Stevie Awards by Promoting Peace in Prisons

Securus Named a Finalist

The Dallas Newswire recently published an article on Securus Technologies being a finalist on the awards for excellent customer care services in correctional facilities and public safety among other departments. Securus Technologies, the world’s top service provider in civil, criminal justice and technology solutions, was named on the list of Client Service Training, for Stevie Awards in Sales and Client Service.


Gold, Bronze Silver

The award will mark a huge accomplishment for Securus Technologies. Steve Awards do the organization and presentation of the awards. Stevie Awards manages most of the world’s leading enterprise shows in addition to luxurious International Business Awards.


Client Service

Addressing the panel on Securus cutting the finalist mark, Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president in charge of operations acknowledged the commitment of Securus towards providing excellent customer service to clients. Securus prides itself in its commitment to raising the service delivery bar. To them, it all begins with empathy followed by an excellent understanding of how stressful the clients have been.


Service Delivery

With the understanding of their life changing experience in mind, their training team capitalized on generating resources and strategies that would assist their agents to emphasize on their clients while focusing on their demands to help them through the stressful moments. The result worked for the good of the customer and the service deliverer that is Securus Technologies.


About Securus Technologies

With its headquarter in Dallas, Securus serves over 3,400 departments in public safety, correctional facilities, law enforcement. It also serves more than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. Securus commits to serving and connecting the world through offering a timely emergency response. The organization also capitalizes on incident management services, public information, and biometric analysis.



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