Breaking Inmate Violent Episodes Using Securus Technologies

Inmates in our state prison have recently gotten so out of control that we as officers have had to make use of some new technology in order to help keep peace. These inmates are becoming a problem for a number of reasons, from overcrowded conditions, increased gang affiliations, and a steady flow of drugs. In order to limit the episodes of violence in our jail, we are working closely now with Securus Technologies to help give corrections officers the ability to run the facility as it was intended and get the inmates back in line.


Part of the reason for the explosion in violence in our jail is the inmates feel like because they are spending all their time behind these prison walls that they run the asylum. They think they can make the rules and then enforce those rules, and if me or my fellow officers step in, we’re met with violence. The first thing we had to do was remove any chance of drugs, weapons, or contraband getting into this facility. Securus Technologies developed a call monitoring system that allows us to stay on the ground while the LBS software scans calls the inmates make.


The reason the Securus Technologies system is so beneficial is because it gives my team the ability to get a glimpse into what inmates have planned, and then give us the chance to take action even before the situation is able to take place. These call monitoring systems are already operational in thousands of jails around the country, and now our prison is getting to see first-hand what all the buzz is about.


This month already we confiscated a large amount of drugs that was trying to be smuggled in by guests to give to their family on the inside. This alone will make our jail safer than ever before.


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