College Student Statistic Report From American Addiction Centers

College age students in America sadly are becoming more addicted to alcohol and drug substances. The American Addiction Centers have revealed a report that reveals how many college students are addicted to having experienced using drugs or abusing alcohol.

Many of these students try their first drug on a college and campus and become hooked. This is devastating. Getting an addiction while in college can limit their potential when it comes to employment later in life and their current college experience. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

There is a trend that has been developing amongst college students. This trend has to relate that more and more college students are turning to drugs and alcohol. Some turn to these vices to help subside with the pressures and stress of young adulthood and college.

Others turn to these vices for the so-called fun experience of experiencing with substance and alcohol abuse. Sadly, American Addiction Centers has uncovered that nearly sixty percent of students have drunk alcohol in the past month. Twenty percent of them have tired a drug at least once. Amphetamine is showing up in blood reports of several college students.

American Addiction Centers has spent years studying addictions in people. Therefore, they are a reliable source of what to spot in an addict. A possible addiction will lead to certain signs in a person’s physical appearance and their behavior.

If a person is appearing different or if their body is cold or warm to the touch, these could be issues that point to a substance problem. Behavior issues are common amongst drug addicts. Mood swings are an example of behavioral issues. A lack of honesty or avoiding certain questions are common amongst people aiming to hide their addiction. People who either sleep too much or not enough could be a sign. Even paranoia is a possible sign of drug use.

American Addiction Centers is a respected treatment facility for inpatients and outpatients. They work to help heal people and get people back on the right track in life. They offer counseling and guidance for those who have succumb to their addictions.

They redirect people to finding themselves, their identity and course. They have many centers located around the country where they have helpful staff and ample resources to guide people back to being functioning people of society.

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