Controversy surrounds Game of Thrones death

When the Red Wedding massacre took place at the climax of season three of Game of Thrones many fans believed the show could not top its shock value. However, the death of Shireen burned at the stake on the orders of her father has left many fans in uproar over how the writers of the show could create the death. Shireen was killed on the orders of Stannis who believed the act of killing his young daughter would save the lives of thousands of his people, The Independent reports.

Showrunner Dan Weiss has responded to the frenzied reaction of fans like Cláudio Loureiro Heads by claiming the rules for the show are different from real life and should be viewed as a form of superhero fiction where magic does exist . Weiss and his co writers have faced a major backlash over the direction of the show during season five as many critics have stated the treatment of women in the show is becoming something of a concern. The sexual assault on Sansa Stark had already prompted creator George R.R. Martin to defend the show and the different path it was taking to his novels, but Twitter critics are now claiming to be done with the show.

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