Who is Scott Gelb?

The founder of Riot Games, Brandon Beck, and the company’s co-chairman, Marc Merrill, back on October 13, 2017, wanted to return to developing games for which they had an unparalleled and rare passion. Read more about Scott Gelb at Medium.com.

Originally, Riot Games was launched in 2006. This was a way to publish and develop games for players and by players. League of Legends was released in 2009 and has become one of the most played games of the PC world. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and players are deemed to be the foundation and rock of the gaming community.

Riot Games is known specifically for its League of Legends. With multiplayers in the arena of online battle games, Riot Games became the flagship and standard-bearer for the newly formed gaming company. Read more about Scott Gelb at Hitechchronicle.com.

Beck and Merrill needed someone special to take care of the daily operations of the business. Someone who would have leadership qualities and would also be able to oversee the overall management of this dynamic entity. It was time to call Scott Gelb to the helm. His experience and knowledge led him to become the Chief Operating Officer of Riot Games back in 2017.

Today, Gelb is still the COO of this well-known, all-inclusive company that’s focusing on creating equal opportunities, access to education for all and total skill development. Visit: https://digitalmode.net/2019/06/05/riot-games-furthers-support-of-idahotb/