Nicolas Cage Movies Worth Watching


One look into Nicolas Cage filmography makes clear that he is one of the more interesting actors of his time. His quirks and eccentricities bring on a level similar to that of Christopher Walken. While he has put in some great performances in his films, some of his other films have left people scratching their heads in an amused fashion at Cage’s screen antics. The following are Nicolas Cage films that are worth watching.


Gone In 60 Seconds


A remake of a classic, this film stars Nicolas Cage as someone who is stealing cars to save his brother. This is actually one of Cage’s more subdued performances.


The Rock


A famous film produced by Jerry Brukheimer and directed by Michael Bay before Transformers. A relic of a time when Michael Bay was respected by fans as a filmmaker, The Rock places Nicolas Cage with Sean Connery. While this is also a subdued performance, there is a scene where Cage has his Cage-like outbursts.




This is perhaps one of the films where Nicolas Cage is allowed to shine. He actually plays two roles opposite of John Travolta. First he plays his role, then he plays John Travolta’s role with John Travolta playing as Cage.


Vampire’s Kiss


This is Nicolas Cage at his most eccentric. While some people think Cage’s character is in fact a vampire, the film actually goes into the life of someone who undergoes a delusional episode in which he thinks he is a vampire.   It’s so irreverent and trippy you could almost call it one of the best movies to watch on acid.

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