James Dondero: Helping Argentina Succeed

Argentina’s government is quite different from the rest of Latin America. For one, they are dealing with a lot of poverty due to corruption. Secondly, most of the people enjoy being educated. There are no dictators, and this country believes in democracy. Every president is elected. That says a lot for a country that is surrounded by oppression that the other countries are facing. James Dondero saw how Argentina was so different from the rest that he chose to invest in it. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Mauro Staltari also saw what made Argentina different. Highland Capital believed that they could make this country a global competitor and helped them succeed in being just that. They were able to raise $16.5 billion to show everyone what they were capable of. Argentina now has the respect of every nation that is part of the global market. James Dondero did the right thing here and Argentina is winning because of it. He took on most of their debt by sending two teams down there to see where those provinces that needed help were. It also helped matters when President Macri changed a few policies around and raised the tariffs to put the economy back on track. It was not that off to start with but it with outdated legislation Argentina would not be the third largest economy in the world. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

It is wonderful that a beautiful country wanted to rise above all of the corruption that it is surrounded by to be apart of a global community that cares about the state of its people. Everyone should want their country to flourish. Argentina is definitely no different. Dondero and his team did a fantastic job of getting Argentina to the position they are in. They knew before making this big investment what they had on their hands.

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