Technology And Fashion: An Undeniable Brotherhood

It is not ventriloquism or animism, but objects are coming to life. Between talking robot models and masks that increase the senses is hidden a new technological wave that translates functionalities, that until now were exclusive of the screens, to the garments that people use every day.


Making It Happen


Technology makes it easy to change clothes that meet the modern demands of society and the creative ideas of fashion designers. The alteration of the clothing is fundamentally linked to the technological advances since it affects the production of fibers, fabrics and the elaboration of designs. In Western society, globalization, through scientific innovation, inspires new concepts of foreign cultures and affects the speed of marketing and retail services. But not everything is about vanity. Technology has translated into the everyday usage, from glasses to gloves and practical protection for bikers.


“Usable technology” or “usable computing” are the terms used by experts to explain what the future of the clothing will be. Technologically- inspired dresses will see the future. What cannot be denied is that both fashion and technology are growing together, and in that growth, they are changing many lives and generating a more stylish shape of the future.


Chris Burch and Creative Capital


Chris Burch knows about what’s coming. In his world of fashion, design, and technology, in which he has had an investing hand in more than 50 companies worldwide. He understands what becoming a great success takes, and mostly, he has the weapons to help fund new ideas that may disrupt and change the world in a positive matter, to make a true impact on what is to come.


With his company, Burch Creative Capital, he is investing in lifestyle and consumer brands designed for retail, and he is also into everything that is technology-based creations. But not everything is just creating, but also giving back to the world. Through technology, he also funds projects aimed to collaborate with different causes that he believes in, including human rights and battling food scarcity all over the world.


With a lot more still to come, Christ Burch believes that in the end, the most important thing is to keep growing, both in technology and in fashion. And with both industries so close to everyone’s life, they will keep on being linked for good and change, because modernity is not only about what is pretty, but about what is truly game changing.

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