How Customer Reviews are Influencing The Growth of Fabletics

Fabletics is a part of the TechStyle Group, which was founded in the year 2010. Along with Fab Kids and Shoe Dazzle, the company was founded in the year 2013 by co-CEO’s Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. However, this time round there was a new addition to the team- Kate Hudson, a best-selling celebrity would be collaborating with these two fashion industry gurus to found Fabletics.

A few years down the line, Fabletics has come to be one of the best companies in the fashion industry, with the highest marked growth rate. The company has in less than four years made more than $250 million. Also, their clientele base has remarkably grown.

The ability to leverage the power of the crowd has been one of the biggest reasons behind the fast success of Fabletics. The company has changed from the traditional brick and mortar selling to being setup online. As a result, the founders had to change their marketing tactics. Also, they have to ensure that their consumers got quality and value for their money.

To ensure that they were getting a bigger market share, they decided to capitalize on what most companies underestimate- customer reviews. Fabletics understand the importance of customer reviews. They know that what customers say about your brand has the power to make or break your brand. Besides, the current marketing world is highly digitalized and word spread very fast.

Because Fabletics understand that customers’ reviews have great power to change future customer behavior, they have capitalized on that. They encourage their customers to leave reviews, about their products and services, whether on their websites or o external review companies. And, because many customers look for reviews before they can decide to purchase, most find Fabletics to be a perfect choice.

Consequently, Fabletics accrue new customers with each dawn. Also, they are able to make repeat buys. This is because the purchase of high-quality products, by customers, is not always enough. Customer reviews act as a psychological aid to convince clients that the products are indeed great. Besides, if they are not the only ones that think it, then it must be true that the quality of the specific products is indeed great.

To get great customer reviews, which work in their favor, Fabletics doesn’t rely on paid reviews. Instead, they have a process to ensure that customers are compelled to say how they feel about their products. First, they have ensured that the quality of their products is comparable to that of premium brands. However, they ensure that their products are accessible to a majority by offering fair prices. This way, customers always feel that they are getting premium products, but don’t have to pay outrageous prices for it.

Additionally, Fabletics requests their customers to give them feedback about their products. Sometimes, they even offer discounts on customers that give their feedback. And, that is how they get so many reviews to influence current and potential buyers to purchase their products.

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