Fabletics is Taking on Retail

Fabletics is a great online company and not they have decided to take on the retail market. You might be wondering if you should go online and get your Fabletics or if you should go into the store.


Fabletics for Online Customers

Fabletics started online and was created by Kate Hudson. She saw a need for exercise clothing that was high quality as well as comfortable and could be worn for many things. They work with a subscription service that allows you to set up your account and pay a monthly fee. Then the exercise clothing can be sent to you every month and you won’t have to go looking for your next exercise outfit in a store, unless you want to. That’s where the Fabletics store comes in.


Fabletics Store

There are a lot of companies that went from store to online, but Fabletics is one of the few that went the other way. They created a few stores in major US cities that serve people like you that want to get these awesome exercise outfits, but don’t want to always buy them online. There are several advantages to Fabletics having a store. The biggest is that you can try on the clothing you want and see how it fits. You can also get styles that aren’t found online, but only in the stores and take them home with you. This is nice if you want a new outfit from them, but don’t want to wait for them to send it to you.


There are many ways to get great exercise clothing like this. You only need to know you want something better to get Fabletics and all the great things they offer. They can give you great quality as well as styles you really want to wear. You may not just want to wear these exercise clothing options for just exercising. You may want to wear them for everyday as well and they have to be the right style for that. Fabletics is one of the few that can give you that and more with their clothing for exercise.

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