Business Professional Josh Verne Advises Entrepreneurs In New Podcast

Josh Verne’s recent podcast on entrepreneurship provided practical suggestions for being an effective leader. Josh Verne has extensive experience in this area and has recently opened a new business where he puts these skills into action.


Verne shares that it’s important for leaders to have balance in their lives. He states that while most entrepreneurs focus a lot of their attention on professional success, it’s crucial to be just as intentional about success socially, emotionally and personally. When all areas of a person’s life are in working order, this can be professionally rewarding.


Josh Verne also points out that business deals and partnerships need to be beneficial for all involved parties. Business owners should be sure that a professional deal will lead to success on their end, and will also provide equal advantages for the other entities that are part of the deal.


The art of listening intently is also a point Verne brings up in his podcast. He reminds his listening audience that people have two ears and one mouth for a very important reason–it’s better to listen more than talk. When people are listening intentionally to their team members and employees, they are more likely to meet the needs of the group and boost overall morale.


Josh Verne’s well-known projects include being the founder and CEO of, a company he started with his best friend from childhood, Jon Dorfman. Verne also served as the co-president of Home Line Furniture, and recently founded, a content exchange forum for college students.


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