Susan McGalla Takes On Top Roles

Susan McGalla is not only one of the best women leaders but is also one of the best leader in general. She has held businesses and managed them to grow. At the same time, she has also helped other women gain the courage to pursue their own goals whether it is make money for themselves or become a business leader. There are a lot of great pieces of advice that she gives women when it comes to leadership. There are also pieces of advice when it comes to goals. She does not resort to any pandering and cuts to the real business.

One thing that many people will agree with is that it is a struggle to be a part of business. Many people have to struggle just to maintain their low level positions. Therefore, it is to be expected that women are going to struggle as well. One thing that Susan has done that so many people do not do is avoid the victim card. She takes responsibility for her own life and her own career. She keeps from blaming others for any failures she has experience. Instead, she takes the time to look at what she has done wrong and learns from it.

Perhaps the best trait of Susan McGalla is her work ethic. She is someone who takes the work she does seriously. She makes sure that she is on schedule and is handling all of the goals that she has for the day so that she can move her business forward in the direction that she wants. This is something that she instills in her team members so that they can achieve their goals as well. Susan McGalla inspires women with her words and her examples. She has shown women the way that goals can be achieved.

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