Sergey Petrossov-Always an Entrepreneur

Mr. Sergey Petrossov is already a huge success at a young age. The 31-year-old is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of a JetSmarter an estimated 1.5-billion-dollar company backed by the likes of Jay-Z and Arabian royalty.



Sergey Petrossov always had a head for business. In his youth, he had tried his hand at running a vehicle tire rim import and export service. While at the University of Florida, where he enrolled to earn a degree in finance, he co-founded a chat program for video and audio website placement with his engineering associates. After graduating, he would co-partner in developing educational technology to assist Eastern European and Russian students in learning.

In 2009, Sergey Petrossov was asked if he wanted to take a ride in a private jet. He then found out if he was to book a flight without the help of the associate who had invited him, he would have to go through a long process. This would include having to call and wait for someone to send an invoice. Upon receiving the form, he would have to sign it and fax it back.

Modernizing the Industry

Not satisfied with this type of an outmoded way to do business, after careful consideration, Sergey Petrossov decided to develop a sample app that would help people get digital information in real time. It was a hit! After releasing the software to the masses in 2013, individuals downloaded and installed it over 300,000 times by 2014.

Thanks to his progressive spirit, private airline companies could make a profit on previous downtime. And now, elite people could make arrangements through the JetSmarter’s app to share flights with other business people or reserve the jet for them and their personal group.

Starting out with only 50 employees in 2015, JetSmarter now operates around the globe with more than 260 staff members. Overall, Sergey Petrossov has proven he is flying high with his private airline service.