How Rebel Wilson is Innovating Valentine’s Day

For a lot of us, if not most, Valentine’s day is a dreaded date on the calendar. As soon as the New Year is over retailers across the country take down the Christmas trimmings and deck their halls with hearts and roses instead. And so starts the anxiety for everyone, single or otherwise, to plan the perfect February 14th date.

For couples, this means pressure on both parties to find the perfect gift and pressure on one to plan the perfect romantic night. For singles, expectations are compounded with the added pressure of finding a date. Yikes!

Some lucky people are able to escape this anxiety by having realistic excuses not to participate. I envy these people, but I know I am not the only one who feels the pressure to create the perfect Valentine’s Day. So I was relieved to see Rebel Wilson Tweet that she had NEVER had a Valentines Day date. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

Better than a ‘Celebrities Their Just Like Us’ section I learned this from the actress herself while she was promoting her new movie ‘Isn’t it Romantic’. The film, starring heartthrob Liam Hemsworth and Rebel herself, is about an unassuming young woman suffering a fall and knocking herself straight into a romantic comedy.

The film’s setting is a bubbly alternate universe in which Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilsons characters become the unexpected love match. The film underlies the unrealistic expectations set forth in romantic comedies echoing the similar expectations society, and we as individuals, set for people on Valentine’s Day.

Rebel Wilson tweeted: “I’ve never EVER had an actual date on Valentine’s Day — so if you’re like me, now you definitely have a date to come see my movie and be kindred spirits!”. I wanted to see the movie anyway so I penciled this in as my February 14th date, but Rebel Wilson got an unexpected and awesome offer from Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus, Liam’s partner, responded to Rebel’s tweet with an unconventional offer to be the date of the couple on Valentine’s Day by tweeting: “OMG! Let’s be a throuple! You can be our date!”.

This struck me as an awesome and friendly offer to spend the night with friends and not feel left out or under pressure to find a date for herself. How cool! Rather than spending time alone Rebel now has the option to spend the night with a couple of friends she is close to.

Instead of feeling the pressure or spending too much time stressing about my plans; I plane to subvert traditions and hang out with friends on Valentine’s Day as much as possible from now on.

Taking a page out Rebel and Miley’s book I invited a couple of friends to attend a screening of ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ with and I couldn’t be more excited. Take that expectations!

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