How Luke Lazarus Develops IPO Excellence

Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant. He graduated from Melbourne Business School with an executive MBA at the age of 24. He was blessed with success early and often. Before his 33rd birthday, Mr. Lazarus had successfully started, managed, and sold several companies. Today, he advises firms planning IPOs.

There are two critical reasons why Luke Lazarus’ skills are in high demand. First of all, 90% of new startups fail before they complete 5 operations years. Secondly, Lazarus is good at what he does. His track record would suggest that he is among the best. For a promising startup, what Lazarus offers is precious.

How to Improve Small Business

Mr. Lazarus believes that success in bringing along startups must consistently move toward establishing a business model. For existing companies that are not meeting their expectations, he helps to reestablish their niche. Lazarus focuses on helping leaders make the best use of their plans and projections. Among the specific areas that Lazarus targets include:

  • business plans
  • presentations for investors
  • improving operations
  • financial projections
  • market research
  • go-to-market strategies

Each of these aspects alone can improve a business. However, failing in a single area could be the cause for never making it past year five or not reaching full IPO potential. Furthermore, Lazarus does not just specialize in a specific area of business. His success is proven in all areas. Understanding relationships between business persons, departments, stages of developments are very costly lessons to learn through experience. He is able to tailor approaches to each specific IPO. Mr. Lazarus provides direction through the challenges. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Busines

Maximizing IPO Opportunities

Businesses do merely rely upon Lazarus to help grow their business over the long-term. Rather, the modern economy has developed a curious, and yet, attractive characteristic. In a world governed by technology, IPOs are much more likely to become the goose that lays the golden egg than ever before.

Make no mistake, becoming a serial (or super) entrepreneur is a bit like winning the lottery. It is naive to rely on one individual to achieve greatness.

Nevertheless, for tech companies and businesses that leverage technology, networking with Lazarus gives them a good chance at realizing their potential. It becomes clear that companies are fighting for Luke Lazarus’ time and attention.


Luke Lazarus is a master at using dedicate planning to elevate small business operations. He brings a high level of experience to help companies identify their issues, perceive areas that may become problematic, regain optimum operations, and overall, deliver greater value.

Startups, IPOs, and businesses in reorganization mode need someone who can provide a solid foundation. Both types of enterprises need to realize success early and often without jeopardizing the future of their companies. Luke Lazarus is a conduit for businesses who are committed to making it to the other side where success is a part of daily operations.

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