Rocketship Education Looks To Return Low-Income Students To Brighter Opportunities

The future of the students of the U.S. has recently been highlighted by the move towards a range of new charter schools opening across the nation, including a new range of Rocketship Education campuses across three states on the west coast of America. A fast growing educational institution, Rocketship Education is looking to build on the success the U.S. public school system enjoyed in the 1980s when students from low-income families had the opportunity to move from high school to a four-year college to move out of poverty.

Rocketship Education opened its doors to bring the impressive educational opportunities offered by charter schools to students from low-income families who are often forced to attend schools with some of the worst performance ratings in any school district. The focus of Rocketship Education on low-income families means the opportunities seen for students in the early 1980s are once again on offer to those students and families who wish to provide an educational experience free from the confines of zip code allocated schools.

The growth of the Rocketship Education brand shows little sign of slowing down as two new locations have already been identified as joining the chain of institutions already opened up across the west coast of the U.S. Based in Redwood City, California, Rocketship Education has already begun planning for its newly announced Antioch location that will be an entirely new construction dedicated to bringing a better standard of education to an area of San Francisco known for its depressed economic situation.

Rocketship Education points to the low level of property taxes brought in within the Antioch region that has limited the number of opportunities open to educators through government based education funding. The latest Rocketship Education campus will be located in an area known for the low testing scores seen by many of the students living and attending school in the area.

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