Rocketship Education Believes Parents Should Be Involved With The Selection Of Their Childrens Teachers

Most parents have no way of knowing which individual will be teaching their kids until shortly before the start of a new school year. Rocketship Education has a different approach, and believes parents should be involved in the interviews conducted for teachers. The first Rocketship Education in school in Washington D.C. is encouraging parents to help with the interview process. This concept is not new for Rocketship, and has previously been used for the thirteen schools already established.

As the CEO for the schools, Preston Smith believes parental participation is one of the foundations of Rocketship Education. The learning style incorporated by the schools is unique, effective, personalized, and been the recipient of a lot of attention across the nation. One of the cores of Rocketship Education principles is parents should be involved with their children’s education, and the concept has performed amazingly well.

Every campus incorporates the parents of the students into the job interviews in some way. Panel interviews may be conducted by families who have been trained for this purpose, and sometimes the job finalists are met by the parents at a community meeting. The concept works so well because the leaders of the schools, and the parents always seem to agree. There have been occasions where the candidate decided they were not right for the job for a variety of reasons. One candidate could not cope with the level of parental involvement, and made the right decision by simply leaving.

The parents of the kids attending the Rocketship Education school in the District of Columbia told the press how much they appreciated, and valued the right to become acquainted with the teacher candidates. The parents are interested, and want to know about the individuals responsible for teaching their children. Most parents look forward to their participation in these interviews. Unfortunately, involving the parents at this level is rare, although it has been done in the past. Rocketship Education simply believes there should be an affinity between the teachers, and the parents. They feel this enables the parents to better help their children with their educations, and to help them succeed.

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