Resources with Teach to One program

Teach to One is a program that helps out students through various resources highlighted in an article from Some of the ways they are able to do this are through collaborative teaching with groups of students. Next, teachers are given personalized schedules to work around each student’s accommodations. The schedule will show what skills a student needs to work on along with who the teacher will be working with. Some other resources with Teach to One are Live Investigation, Group Collaboration, and Independent Learning. All of these are meant to help the student learn strategically and create positive relationships between teacher to student. They also have over 9,000 lesson plans to work with. Teach to One states that their lesson plans are reviewed by over 80,000 members.

Lessons have a different approach when it comes to teaching students as they learn differently. When it comes to the Live Investigation feature, teachers can use that information or use the material to improve that specific skillset. If something were to go wrong at any point during the year, lesson, or structure, Teach to One program has on-site support technicians to help for any reason. They are available to help administrators or teachers with any issues that may arise. However, the article notes that support can be diminished over the years as it is integrated into the school system.

Lastly, teachers have their own portal to have all up to date information, a performance timeline, and future goals with the Teach to One: Math Portal. The service is available up to 24 hours a day. People can partner with Teach to One by filling out a partnership interest form on their page or subscribe to their monthly newsletter. Anybody can also donate money towards the cause that will go towards student resources.

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