Aaron Lupuloff and GCPS Foundation Are Passionate About Their School District

Aaron Lupuloff, the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation, wants to improve the achievement of the students and to create the new leaders of tomorrow.

His passion to improve GCPSs partly comes that five of his children have graduated from Gwinnett County Public Schools. He does admit that his wife played a role in their graduations. He also thinks that the arts program, athletic programs and academic programs at GCPSs played a part in their graduations.

The Lupuloffs focused on the success of their children as well as the success of the Gwinnett school district. Mr. and Mrs. Lupuloff were happy when their children doing well but would be to see the school district do well. The passion of this family helped create an academically-oriented community that would help locals support the public schools. Aaron Lupuloff thinks that the secret sauce of really good schools is to create a great community. When people embrace a message, they will want to help others, according to Mr. Lupuloff.

The assertion of Aaron Lupuloff has been proven due to the fact the efforts of the local people have helped support the school environment in reality. Teachers, parents, and students are not the only ones trying to raise funds for Gwinnett County Public Schools. Communities and businesses inside and outside the county are trying to help GCPS. 12Stone Church created a school drive that collected school supplies for children who cannot afford such supplies. This drive has gone on for two years and in the second year, the church was able to increase the number of items donated by three hundred percent.

Wealthy community member, businesses, and local churches are not only ones that have been supporting school educational efforts. The Atlanta Falcons, an NFL football team, played a part in supporting the first-ever girl flag football team at the GCPS districts. This team was meant as an experiment to give girls in North Gwinnett area something to do after school ended and to see if it could on a state-wide level. The Arthur M. Blank Community Foundation, GCPS Foundation, and the Falcons are working hard to make this experiment work. To see more aabout Lupuloff visit rocketreach.co