Game Designer Alexis Kennedy Discusses Cultist Simulator

Alexis Kennedy is a writer and game designer. Kennedy has over 10 years of experience working in the gaming industry. Kennedy achieved notoriety for creating Failbetter Games. Kennedy recently helped create the independent Weather Factory. After raising enough funds, Kennedy helped create the successful simulation Cultist Simulator. Following the launch, Cultist Simulator was released for PC and mobile devices. Recently, Alexis Kennedy sat down to discuss his career.

Kennedy says that his career as a game developer started when he took a leave of absence from his job as a software consultant. Kennedy realized that he was running out of time to pursue his dream. Kennedy says that times were tough, as he didn’t get paid for almost a year.

Kennedy says that he currently makes a decent living as a game developer. He says that it is important to prioritize putting out a great product instead of trying to make a lot of money. It’s important for developers to find their niche market. Getting attention can be difficult during the initial stages of release. However, Kennedy is happy that Weather Factory has developed a following.

Kennedy says that the popular Cultist Simulator takes a look at the occult. There is no tutorial to help out gamers, so they have to figure everything out as they play along. For that reason, Kennedy admits that the simulation may not appeal to everyone. Kennedy was initially nervous about the release of the game on mobile devices.

Kennedy was pleasantly surprised to see that Cultist Simulator has received better reviews so far on mobile than PC. Cultist starts as a puzzle. As gamers start to figure out everything, the mechanics will begin to run smoothly. Kennedy says that the next simulation may allow gamers to play as an occult librarian. He wants to create a simulation with a spooky atmosphere.