New Year, New Cosmetics — New You!


With the advent of each new year, people often make resolutions. Many of those resolutions are difficult (if not impossible) to fulfill. “I’m going to lose fifty pounds by Spring” or “I’m going to give that professional ice skating career one more shot” and other unreasonable declarations can be heard across the country. Maybe this year is the time to resolve to invent a “new you” in a way that can actually be attained. A visit to a new and different hairstylist who has no preconceived notions about your past haircuts or lifestyle can produce a positive change that helps alter and self-esteem. Trying a new, forward-thinking cosmetic line will also make a noticeable difference that can range from subtle to downright head-turning.


One of the cosmetics lines that has the products to accomplish this resolution is Lime Crime. Their founder has a background in the rock music industry, causing the makeup to always be on the leading edge of fashion. The colors range from deeply saturated and vivid to subtle and fresh. They are designed to be infinitely more user-friendly than many cosmetics lines — especially valuable for the inexperienced people trying to get out of their old makeup rut. The products are reasonably priced, which is surprising considering that no expense was spared during their manufacture.


Pinterest tells us that Lime Crime makeup is cruelty-free and vegan — a philosophy about which it’s founder is absolutely unwavering. The purchase of these cosmetics will do no harm to you, the animal kingdom or the world. That makes this company one that people want to support, which surely accounts for it’s rapid growth and acceptance in the fashion world.


The beautiful colors and textures range from smooth velvets, to moist glosses, to attention-grabbing metallics. Shaking up your makeup routine does not mean suddenly becoming a garish spectacle. Start out subtle, incorporating new shades in the type of products you already use. Or perhaps switch from matte to metallic, or from lipstick to gloss. Once you take a look at the line itself, it’s easy to see why it’s become a style favorite.   Read reviews on the Lime Crime website, and compare prices with other major retailers like Urban Outfitters here.

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  1. One have to give credit to the outstanding Doe Deere on some of the improvements that she has brought to the cosmetic industry. Taking a good look at ukessay scam the quality of the Lime Crime product is one that we have to appreciate, the beautiful colors and texture ranges would help a lot of people shake up their make up routines. It appears that the procedures to apply the makeups are also very simple which makes things easier.

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