Drew Madden And The Health Care Industry

There is an interesting battle brewing in the health care industry. There are the traditional companies on the one side, and Amazon on the other. It is something that observers of the industry have taken into account as they try to figure out things like where they should invest their money.

CVS Buys Aetna

A big piece of news that came out of the health care industry regarding CVS Pharmacy. They company announced that it would be purchasing another giant in the industry by the name of Aetna. This consolidation is seen as a good move for CVS, and it is also seen as a move to consolidate power within the industry as well.

Amazon To Get Involved In The Market?

There are always rumors swirling around Amazon and what they will do next. However, the rumors about them getting involved in the health care sector have a little more clout to them. This is because Amazon has in fact made indications that they are interested in selling generic pharmaceuticals. That being said, there is nothing finalized on this, so it is still just in the rumor stage at this point.

How Will Drew Madden Play This?

Drew Madden prides himself as a healthcare IT entrepreneur. He looks for ways to build teams and help everyone grow in their level of success in the industry and in their career in general.

He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and served as the President of that company from 2010 to 2016. He grew the company up from ten employees all the way up to seven-hundred and twenty-five employees at present. He has shown himself worthy of all of the praise and awards that he has received over his many years in the health care industry.

Madden does keep an eye on developments such as the situations involving CVS and Amazon. He will certainly keep in mind the changes that the actions of these two companies will bring about. He wants to make sure that he positions himself and his people in the best possible situation going forward.

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