Glenn Beck Twists George Soros’s Holocaust Survival Story, Labels Him Anti-Semetic

Glenn Beck’s fascination with conspiracy theories has led him to walk down the well-worn road of blaming the Jewish people for seeking to create a one-world government. At the heart of this witch hunt was billionaire George Soros, whom Beck publicly accused of creating a shadow government that has been secretly pulling the strings behind world events. His documentary was called ‘Puppet Master’.

In Glenn Beck’s twisted reality, George Soros is anti-Semetic and has a history of oppressing the Jewish people. Never mind that Soros himself is Jewish. In the book “Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire”, biographer Michael Kaufman details the minutiae of Soros’s early life in Nazi Germany. As a youngster he was looked after by a Christian protector and was able to escape the horrors of the concentration camps.

At a certain point, Soros’s benefactor is made to give an account for the items in a Jewish aristocrat’s estate and he took Soros along. Soros meandered on the grounds and was said to have ridden on a horse. According to Beck, this translates to Soros’s personally confiscating the lands and properties of his Jewish brethren. Beck finds the fact that Soros survived the brutal regime of the Nazi’s to be fodder for suspicion and wild theories. Soros, who has lived through Nazism and communism, has never appeared to show an interest in addressing the claims of his accusers.

In Hungary, where Soros was born, the Holocaust was particularly ferocious. Even when other countries had left off their extermination of the Jewish people, those following SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann had a sick determination to complete the annihilation of the Jews. Few made it through his reign of terror alive.

At 14 years old, George Soros was a messenger for Budapest Jewish Council, a group of scared and aged elders, who thought it was best to try to do everything the Gestapo wanted in order to be spared. Soros’s father counseled him to defy their desires and to warn the Jewish community of pick-up points in the city. Soros recalled a man who told him he had been law-abiding his entire life, and that he didn’t intend to break the law now. It was often those who were most law-abiding who were captured and sent to the gas chambers.

Most of those who made their way out of Hungary did so by assuming false identities, bribing officers, and through deception. Humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg helped those fleeing Budapest by forging passports and by engaging the Nazi officers with bribery. Beck’s twisting of the harsh realities of Nazi Germany to fit his own narrative is delusional at best, and cruel and highly irresponsible at worst.

Beck goes further still to find fault in Soros’s role in the fall of communism. After the fall of the Nazi’s, Hungary was gripped by a tightly controlled community regime. Every typewriter had to be registered by the police, but George Soros found ways to smuggle Xerox machines into the country. This helped to radically increase the spread of information, and in 1984, Soros opened his first Open Office. Soon Open Offices were spreading throughout the Soviet Union.

When toasting Soros’s 80th birthday, it was said by Lord Mark Malloch Brown that four people had brought down communism: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and George Soros. In a time when Beck’s audience accepts what he says as truth, we would do well to remember the words of journalist Kati Marton’s father, whose own father and mother were killed by the Nazi’s. He said, “It always starts with words. Words matter.”

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