Meet Matthew Fleeger: A Talented and Dedicated Leader

If you are an ardent reader, you must have come across the name Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It is actually the managing Venture of the famous Oil & Gas Partnerships, which is also called Joint Ventures. The ambition of this great company is to develop, acquire, and explore domestic oil as well as gas reserves. To achieve this, the company intends to combine talent, experience, resources as well as industry know-how.

This company mainly focuses on the reserves at the Gulf Coast, United States. Mainly, it pays attention to the features with geological and even geophysical benefits in addition to the well-developed structures. Matthew Fleeger works as the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of this great company. The company has made immense achievements due to the open as well as transparent relationships based on the respect and trust gotten as a result of working with honesty as well as integrity.

More about the company

Gulf Coast Western was started in the year 1970. The family-owned company is situated in Dallas. It is situated in Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Its footprint has expanded via two main partnerships. One of these partners, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, has actually acquired assets of the Orbit Energy Partners situated in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Research and exploration

Gulf Western usually focuses on exploration as well as acquisition activities in the area of the Gulf Coast. This area is not only rich in gas and oil, but also there is enough space for expansion. The company has the ambition of expanding their activities to other parts of the United States.

Matthew Fleeger is a graduate from the Southern Methodist University. He graduated from this great institution with a degree in Business Administration. He majored in finance and marketing during his undergraduate education. He utilised the skills learnt in the oil as well as gas companies.