Glenn Schlossberg Gives Insights on the Importance of Taking Time Off from Work

Glenn Schlossberg is a renowned designer with over thirty years of experience in the fashion industry. Glenn, for the over thirty years he has been in the industry, has realized that he is most productive when he has taken some time off from his busy schedule. Glenn says the fashion industry is quite dynamic and solely depends on creativity. To remain relevant in the industry, one must always be coming up with new exciting designs. Glenn is a firm believer of the old saying that states work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Glenn, as a result, tries as much as possible to take some time off on his busy schedule.

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and CEO of the New York-based Jump Design Group, a leading middle-level fashion house that focuses on women clothing. Glenn, in an interview, said that he has been able to forge new concepts when he is on an extended break. It is during the time that he is on vacation that he gets inspiration for new designs, something that has become like a habit. Glenn can even predict the next time he will have a great idea and he says possibly two to three days in his vacation.

According to Glenn Schlossberg, ideas pop up while he is talking, walking, or having dinner with his family or friends while on vacation. Glenn says once an idea pops up, he immediately sends an email to his assistant in the office or his lawyer if the idea is something to do with a different line of business. Glenn says that his staff, whenever he is in vacation jokingly, tells him that they are waiting on that vacation email because he has made it a habit of sending them mail whenever she is out on a break.

Glenn Schlossberg says that many will find it counterproductive to take a vacation, especially in the competitive women’s wear industry. However, to Glenn, it is quite the opposite as most of his company’s ideas have been forged when he is out on a break or vacation. Glenn says that taking time off is the secret to the success of his business. For more details about Schlossberg you can visit