Alec Baldwin Welcomes a Son

30 Rock straight man, Alec Baldwin, has recently welcomed a new baby into his family. He and his wife Hilaria were excited to announce that she gave birth to the couple’s second child just a few short days ago. The couple have announced that they named their son Rafael Thomas Baldwin. Thomas is Hilaria’s maiden name. Hilaria, who is 31-years-old, shares two children with her 57-year-old husband.

Pictures of Alec Baldwin walking around New York City after his wife gave birth are some of the best photos I’ve ever seen of the actor, you can see them on LinkedIn. He seems to be in a blissful state, practically glowing as he walked along the city. He spent some time with his youngest daughter and their two dogs, doting attention on all three of them. He had previously told the media that having another baby was exciting and surreal for him.

This is the first son for the couple. They shared a photo on their social media accounts of newborn Rafael holding his mother’s hand. Hilaria and Alec share a 22-month-old daughter named Carmen. Alec also has a 19-year-old daughter named Ireland with his first wife Kim Basinger. For the full story and photos, check it out on The Daily Mail.

The Last of the Terminator: Genisys TV Spots Arrive

It looks like we are nearing the final stretch as the new film in, hopefully, a new trilogy, hits theaters on July 1. The previous trailers and TV spots have been a mixed bag. Some are even wondering if the marketing campaign on the film is doing more harm than good. If the makers of the new Terminator film want any reassurances, they should look at the box office earnings of the new Mad Max and Jurassic World film.

According to Veja,  Max did less than expected and still managed to pull in $300+ million worldwide. Jurassic World shocked the industry earning $511 million worldwide during its first weekend of release. Likely, the feature will top Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The new Terminator film is probably not going to come anywhere near close to Jurassic World’s opening, but earnings in the range of Mad Max: Fury Road are possible. Actually, Terminator: Genisys stands to do better than Mad Max because The Terminator is much more well known and iconic than the character Tom Hardy was playing.Unless the reviews for Terminator: Genisys are awful, then the film should have legs beyond its opening weekend. It would be really difficult to see such a high-profile film go forward with an awful script. Reportedly, the script is heavy on humor but is still well written.

They still pulled in decent box office. Hopefully, the new version (which takes place in a different reality than the previous films) is going to draw in old and new fans.

Game of Thrones latest episodes leaked Online before seaon opener

Leaked versions of the first four episodes of Game of Thrones season five have been leaked Online as the new season finally got its long awaited US premier, Forbes reports. The fantasy drama has become the top show on pay cable channel HBO with season four of the drama watched by 6.6 million people. The popularity of the show has only increased in recent times with the show also classed as the most pirated in the world in 2013 and 2014.

Igor Cornelsen knows that the latest problems have come amid a breach of security that appears to have come from an approved list of people provided with copies of the first four episodes of season five. A watermark placed on each copy of the DVD’s given to critics and industry insiders appears to have been blurred out of the versions now available on the version made available Online and now being uploaded from a series of torrent sites.

New Tool to Stop Spoilers

On Tuesday, April 8, the United States Trademark and Patent Office gave Google a patent for an “app or program” that would block spoilers from Internet users. It would give people the option to choose whether they want to read second-hand accounts or stay in the dark until they have the opportunity to enjoy the entertainment first hand.

Currently, people, like those at Anastasia Date, must use search filters to alert them of spoilers. Writers and commenters must put a note, such as “Spoilers ahead,” on their content to make readers aware of the fact that they are going to learn something about TV shows, movies, books and other content that they may not yet know.

Google’s plan does not mention social networks or TV show and movie trailer spoilers or video spoilers at all. Google does plan to take into account forums and group settings.

Many critics wonder if Google should even have the right to patent this technology as the patent also gives Google the ability to increase its tracking of the activities and interests of Internet users. The types of content users like would be tracked, as well as their progress with any online content such as streaming videos and books, and then block spoilers according to that information.

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson will not be Returning to the Program

Jeremy Clarkson has been on Top Gear as a presenter for the past 13 years. That is all coming to an end according to an article on BBC News. It has been confirmed by Tony Hall, a general director for the BBC, that the channel is not renewing his contract for the following season.

Clarkson is being let go from the show due to his own actions. Earlier this month Clarkson got into a row with a producer for Top Gear stated Jason halpern. During a verbal argument with Oisin Tymon, Clarkson punched him in the mouth. Tymon had to seek medical attention at a local hospital for the injury. A witness stopped the altercation. The incident happened at a hotel in Yorkshire and it was rumored that the Clarkson was upset that there was no hot food awaiting the crew after filming all day. Sounds like a diva move to me.Viewers of the show are upset to see Clarkson go. He has been with the program so long that he is practically an institution. It is hard to picture a different presenter in his place.

Who is the Mysterious “A”?

The ABC Family hit show, Pretty Little Liars, has had a mystery going on for the last five seasons. Who is A? This has been the question haunting fans since the start of the show five years ago. “A” is a psychopath who has been tormenting the four friends in the town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. “A” has been threatening the girls ever since the leader of their group, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing. “A” had to be someone who knew them well, as that person knew all their dark secrets. But who could it be? Well, according to E! News, and Dr Jennifer Walden the big secret was finally revealed on season five’s finale last Monday.

“A” has been revealed as Charles stated the article. Many fans were confused as to who Charles was, but executive producer Marlene King confirmed that Charles is actually Charles DiLaurentis. Now that the big mystery has been revealed, what is left for the rest of the seasons? King has said that the remaining seasons will delve into Charles- who is he and where does he come from. Viewers will find out his motivation behind becoming “A” and why he was so invested in tormenting the girls. 

Orange is the New Black Will Be Considered a Drama at the 2015 Emmys

The Netflix hit show Orange is the New Black has been denied their status as a comedy show. According to the story onBuzzFeed News, Orange is the New Black had petitioned to be considered as a comedy show at the next Emmy Awards, however the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has denied their request.

The rules for shows at the Emmy Awards have changed as of last month stated Jamie Garcia Dias. They have determined that shows that are under 30 minutes will be considered as a comedy while shows that run over that time are dramas.
At last year’s Emmy Awards, the show earned many nominations as a comedy. The show itself was nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Series, while many of the cast members were nominated as well. The actress that were nominated were: Taylor Schilling (Piper) in Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Kate Mulgrew (Red) in Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Laverne Cox (Sophia) for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, and Natasha Lyonne for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on the show won the award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.