LocationSmart Expands Its Vision To Canada

On November 7, 2018, LocationSmart announced it was expanding its services to Canada. The services included in this will be short message service (SMS), secure carrier network location, consent management as well as other geo-contextual services. This expansion will allow for 90 percent of Canadian mobile users’ access to this platform if they choose to subscribe.

This platform is available for all the major wireless carriers and many of the secondary carriers. Once consent is received from the subscribers, businesses have the ability to locate the mobile devices in Canada in real-time without any further apps or software installation.

LocationSmart provides appropriate security and privacy to ensure information remains private and protected. This service works with numerous types of devices and improves the efficiency of the device. The real-time feature is extremely valuable for many reasons, such as roadside assistance, gaming compliance, toll-free call routing and transaction verification, just to name a few.

Mario Proietti, the CEO of LocationSmart, states that this expansion is very valuable to the Canadian customers and allows them to expand their market at the same time. They can provide better services to their new customers by creating strong business relationships with them.

LocationSmart serves Fortune 500 companies as well as small start-ups. They are the leader in Cloud Location Services for all connected devices. Their location services work with all devices both indoors and outdoors. They provide extensive privacy consent methods that allow for easy adoption by the end user.

LocationSmart has several applications that are useful to businesses. Companies can determine and track where their devices are almost anywhere in the world. They can tell where they are even when they are roaming. This feature is available both domestically and internationally.

LocationSmart also provides services that can help a company manage their employees. They are able to track the location of their employees at any time.

There is also the ability to communicate with employees about any important information about the job in real-time. Existing handsets can also be used without adding any cost. Employers also can determine if their employees are where they are supposed to be. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

LocationSmart allows customers to find the location of a business easier through (SMS) or text messaging. It is also very efficient at finding the brick and mortar location of new businesses, allowing for better accessibility to new customers. New customers are always important for new business success. They have to be able to find you.

LocationSmart has the goal of providing services to its clients, wherever they are, safe and secure locator services of all mobile devices. The goal is to improve business for the users as well as adding more efficiency to their everyday activities.

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Serge Belamant Contributions To Data Management Systems

Transparency in the world of data management is irreplaceable, and this reality is one of the reasons why Serge Belamant has spent years in developing tools in this market. He is now a household name in data efficiency, and according to pundits, he continues to be an integral part of this industry. His initial project on data efficiency and transparency gave birth to one of the most used concepts in the world — blockchain.

Thanks to his creation, different industries have changed their data management systems and therefore making these industries better. For example, Serge Belamant contributions to the medical world have helped the medical professionals to save lives and more importantly, have better projections in this niche. Belamant is also the first pundit to bring a revolution in the financial markets, where professionals in this market have different ways to handle data, and they have access to visualization tools.

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Apart from revolutionizing the financial and the health care markets, he is also keen on creating futuristic gaming options. In the last three years, Serge Belamant has created tens of innovative games, which gaming pundits believe will have an important contribution to the future of gaming. The main reason why he is keen on creating alternative gaming option is his understanding that there is a gap in the gaming world, and gamers want to experiment on different gaming options.

While creating a tool for a specific market, there are two things that Serge Belamant is keen on observing. First, he is passionate about creating tools that are simple to use, and more importantly, every creation must blend into the existing tech ecosystem. He is a believer that new technology should not be too expensive for clients. Second, he is keen on creating tools easy to use, and therefore, UI is an essential concept in his creations.

Lastly, he knows that modern consumers understand what they want, and research is, therefore, irreplaceable. The tech genius, thus, reinvests a certain percentage of his company’s profits into research. Through this policy, he has been able to master the market trends and more importantly, create concepts not definable by time.

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Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder and CEO of Unroll me. He acquired a B.A in Philosophy, Business from the City University of New York Brooklyn College where he had studied from 2010-2012.

Jojo grew up in New York, but at some point in his life, he traveled to Yeshiva, Israel to study and it is here that he met his co-founder and friend, Rosenwald. When asked where the idea for the very innovative and successful company Unroll me came from, he explains it in a story stating that he and Rosenwald used to communicate via emails, but for some reason, the latter never got back to him.

This went on for a while, and when he finally confronted him about it, Rosenwald was really remorseful. His major complaint was that the emails somehow got jumbled up with the newsletters and ads and therefore he never had the time to sort through all that mess and get the important emails.

This, therefore, gave them the idea to form a solution to this problem and hence Unroll me was born. Jojo formed this when he was only 22, with very minimal entrepreneurial skills, as well as the required business acumen, but he did anyway and today it is a major success.

Jojo Hedaya is an entrepreneur who is passionate about what he does and when questioned, he states that his game plan involves mainly two arms, execution and simplicity.

He states that it is of fundamental importance for one to hire a highly skillful and talented team, a team made of individuals that know what they are doing, are good at it, and are passionate about it.

Jojo states that it is important to have a positive surrounding in the work area; an environment filled with nothing but positivity as well as fostering teamwork, and he does this and so much more, including the mentoring of the people he works with.

He is also a strong advocate for having an open mind, being open to the fact that one can learn in as much as they are also teaching others and this too is fundamental. He proceeded to make the wise business decision to sell the Unroll me company to the global company known as Slice, where he is working as Chief product and consumer officer, and this is good for him as it gives him time to grow more in as far as the business world is concerned as well as learning new skills.


Jojo Hedaya is clearly an inspiration to young people, showing them that one can be young and still very successful or rather can achieve anything at any age. He has done it so why not?

Unroll Me Is a Way To Declutter Digitally

You may be surprised by just how many email services you are subscribed to. These subscriptions can easily overload your inbox which can cause you to miss the important emails that you need to read. Fortunately, Unroll Me is here to help solve this problem and put all of your subscriptions in one place so you are free to read the important messages that you get. While a spam filter gets rid of spam, what about the subscriptions that you want to read but maybe not right now. If you are at work you might want to wait to read about the newest bargains from your favorite retailers.

Unroll Me works with most of the most popular email services in use today such as Gmail. The service is free and will automatically scan your inbox to gather all of your subscriptions into one place. This collection of subscriptions all goes into the daily “Rollup” which makes it not only to read it all in one place but also to unsubscribe from any of the services that you just aren’t interested in. In just a couple of minutes, Unroll Me can scan thousands of emails.

While the digest feature isn’t perfect, it’s largely accurate. It can sometimes miss a few subscriptions and sometimes even label things as a subscription that aren’t, but fortunately, the digest is easy to read and these mistakes can easily be caught. It just takes a couple of clicks to get the messages sent to the right place so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

You even get to decide when you receive the daily Rollup from Unroll Me. If you decide that you want to read your subscriptions before you are scheduled to get your subscriptions, you can go to the website of Unroll Me and read it whenever you want. The Rollup has an edit mode that can send the messages to your inbox or even unsubscribing from the subscription altogether. Unroll Me may have its flaws, but with the recently released apps and other options, it’s getting even better for people who want to organize their digital clutter.