The Modern Technology in Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies as an organization has implemented modernized methods on the correctional facilities with an aim to creating a new look. The effort that the company has put has enabled the prisoner to have communication while they are still held with their families. The areas that the organization has focused its attention are the inmate’s communication and the parole tracking. The government has stood a better chance as a beneficiary of the technology that has been conceptualized by the firm in the sense that they can source the sensitive information through it. Currently, the Securus Technologies dedication in transforming the society through the services that are delivering via the correctional facilities has extended to more than 2600 centers across the United States. The move by the company has attracted attention and support of many in that it is one of the companies that has played a significant role in connecting the inmates with the society. The person who is steering the operations the Securus Technologies at the top post is Rick Smith. He is a committed leader with good experience in the field of technology and management. He has served in many companies prior his idea of coming up with Securus Technologies. His skills in the arena of technology were boosted with his educational background in the field of electrical engineering.

Securus Technologies has made itself stable in 45 states presently. Several systems have to stand an upper hand to benefit from the steps that the firm is taking in the correctional centers. The immediate one is the law enforcement bodies. The system uses the data from the company to counter that factors that are contributing to the ill of drugs that have taken the better part of the society.

All the facilities that are crucial for the running of the Securus Technologies operation are modern, and they have been patented by the organization. The total worth of these amenities is $600. The aimed that the company is driving at currently is to warrant that the use of the contraband cell phones in the community is put aside. The firm has placed itself at a vantage place through the invention of the Wireless Containment Solution which is deemed crucial in the management of the contraband cell phones. To achieve its goals through the utilization of the Wireless Containment Solution, the company has acquired trained staff who are running the operation of managing the contraband cell phones through that application. The firm has a perfect software that is used in tracking the items that have been stolen and even the firearms.

Securus Technologies has made the inmates feel connected to the society through their platform that allows them to communicate with their relatives and have access to the mail services.



Breaking Inmate Violent Episodes Using Securus Technologies

Inmates in our state prison have recently gotten so out of control that we as officers have had to make use of some new technology in order to help keep peace. These inmates are becoming a problem for a number of reasons, from overcrowded conditions, increased gang affiliations, and a steady flow of drugs. In order to limit the episodes of violence in our jail, we are working closely now with Securus Technologies to help give corrections officers the ability to run the facility as it was intended and get the inmates back in line.


Part of the reason for the explosion in violence in our jail is the inmates feel like because they are spending all their time behind these prison walls that they run the asylum. They think they can make the rules and then enforce those rules, and if me or my fellow officers step in, we’re met with violence. The first thing we had to do was remove any chance of drugs, weapons, or contraband getting into this facility. Securus Technologies developed a call monitoring system that allows us to stay on the ground while the LBS software scans calls the inmates make.


The reason the Securus Technologies system is so beneficial is because it gives my team the ability to get a glimpse into what inmates have planned, and then give us the chance to take action even before the situation is able to take place. These call monitoring systems are already operational in thousands of jails around the country, and now our prison is getting to see first-hand what all the buzz is about.


This month already we confiscated a large amount of drugs that was trying to be smuggled in by guests to give to their family on the inside. This alone will make our jail safer than ever before.


Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes in Our Jail

I work in our jail and see first hand how crime is on the rise between inmates and officers, visitors, and even each other. It can be a struggle each day going to work knowing that you might not be coming home to see your family because these inmates want nothing more than to take one of officers out. The inmates servicing life sentences have nothing to lose, and one second of distraction could spell real trouble.


To try and slow down the flow of drugs and weapons in the jail, we monitor visitor visits very carefully. One tiny weapon handed to a prisoner could mean serious trouble for the person on the other end of that item. Each day we spend countless hours just trying to keep every type of contraband out of the jail. That being said, these inmates seem to always have their hands on something that could really injure another.


We used to monitor the inmates calls with little success on the old call system, that is until Securus Technologies installed a new communication system that changed the way we prevent crimes in the jail. To hear it from Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees all have the objective of making the world safer for everyone. We decided to put them to the test.


Once I was trained on the LBS software, I was able to identify chatter between inmates that changed how we find weapons in jail. Listening to specific chatter, we discovered where the inmates were hiding these weapons in their calls, how they were getting their hands on these items, and even when certain threats were supposed to be executed. Now we have a jump on the attacks and have drastically cut down on the amount of violence in our jail thanks to Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Bags the Stevie Awards by Promoting Peace in Prisons

Securus Named a Finalist

The Dallas Newswire recently published an article on Securus Technologies being a finalist on the awards for excellent customer care services in correctional facilities and public safety among other departments. Securus Technologies, the world’s top service provider in civil, criminal justice and technology solutions, was named on the list of Client Service Training, for Stevie Awards in Sales and Client Service.


Gold, Bronze Silver

The award will mark a huge accomplishment for Securus Technologies. Steve Awards do the organization and presentation of the awards. Stevie Awards manages most of the world’s leading enterprise shows in addition to luxurious International Business Awards.


Client Service

Addressing the panel on Securus cutting the finalist mark, Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president in charge of operations acknowledged the commitment of Securus towards providing excellent customer service to clients. Securus prides itself in its commitment to raising the service delivery bar. To them, it all begins with empathy followed by an excellent understanding of how stressful the clients have been.


Service Delivery

With the understanding of their life changing experience in mind, their training team capitalized on generating resources and strategies that would assist their agents to emphasize on their clients while focusing on their demands to help them through the stressful moments. The result worked for the good of the customer and the service deliverer that is Securus Technologies.


About Securus Technologies

With its headquarter in Dallas, Securus serves over 3,400 departments in public safety, correctional facilities, law enforcement. It also serves more than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. Securus commits to serving and connecting the world through offering a timely emergency response. The organization also capitalizes on incident management services, public information, and biometric analysis.