Colbeck Capital Management the Investment Group For Your Company

Colbeck Capital Management is an Investment Manager located in New York City, New York. The company was founded in 2009. They were founded by Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. Colbeck Capital Management employees between 11 to 50 people.

The company is in the industry of Asset Management with a sub-industry of Wealth Management. Co-Founders Jason Beckman and Jason Pierce Colodne are also managing partners within Colbeck. Jason Beckman attended Union College and founded Collegetown USA which was later called Jason Colodne graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Thomas Wilhelm is the Managing Director and Head of the Business Division currently he is an attorney and working with the institutional pension investors. The company has three vice presidents Keith Johnson, Christopher Brown, and Luke Vande Guchte. Keith Johnson graduated from DePaul University’s Kellstadt School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration and has achieved a Bachelor of Sciences in Economics from the Louisiana State University. Christopher Brown has earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Luke Vande Guchte has achieved a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Managerial Finance focusing on Economics from the University of Mississippi.

They are a privately held company that specializes in providing credit opportunities to other companies. They accomplish this through various methods including investing, special situation lending and advising. The investing side focuses on secured and strategic finance. Colbeck Capital Management also provides capital and advisory services such as loan underwriting and origination. They provide secured finance by creating a plan for profit to ensure an acceptable return. Strategic finance is also obtainable along in which a company will have secured finance by backing with collateral to reduce risk. The operational advisory is also available. Colbeck likewise provides clients with agency servicing.

Colbeck Capital Management believes in building long term partnership with their clients. They offer many services such as deliverables. These are offered to corporations that have unmet the financing requirements. They offer solutions to tough situations such as tight timeframes. Other situations that they offer are management buyout and unsponsored/pre=sponsored opportunities, and cash or PIK interest. They also extend aid in multi-constituent restructurings. Another area is that of previously unbanked companies or underbanked companies. This deals with those companies that either does not have a bank or have the incorrect bank for their company. Colbeck helps with non-traditional assets, such as real estate.

Investment funds are another section Colbeck Capital Management aids companies. Investment funds include senior secured loans. Second lien or Mezzanine and Structured Equity Financing is an additional specialty. Those looking for a debtor in possession or exit financing will find Colbeck to be knowledgeable and helpful. An additional investment fund available is unfunded commitments and synthetic letters of credit in which the bank has pre-funded on the closing date, instead of when the funds are drawn as needed. Two more investment funds are short and long-dated maturities and flexible covenants. Colbeck can help with all your investment needs.

Greg Secker A Successful Financial Trader

Greg Secker was born on 18th February back in the year 1975.Greg Secker is renowned for his great prowess when it comes to business regarding stock markets and foreign exchanges. Greg Secker, moreover, runs a global education on financial trading, where he offers learning to many upcoming investors and enthusiasts of financial trading. In addition to that Greg Secker is also an author, having written books like Financial Freedom through Forex among many others. He is also known for founding great companies and organization such as the Learn to Trade, FX Capital years Greg Secker among others. In the earlier years, Greg Secker worked at a company called Thomas Cook Financial where he was a financial technologist. His work was to develop systems used in the foreign exchange field of business. This gave Greg Secker a lot of experience when it comes to foreign exchange and financial trading through his interaction with the many people in those fields.

Afterwards, Secker moved on and did great innovation works on his own. He created the Virtual Desk. This made him earned cognition for his works by getting British Telecom Award for his works back in the year 1998; his innovation was a great milestone in the e-commerce as the Trading Desk was used as an online trading platform. At a young age of 25, Greg Secker now was the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation where he furthered his experience through interaction with many people. Afterwards, he retired from his job back in the year 2003 and started a company which he could operate from his living room. He began to educate guide and also mentor the people when it comes to financial trading.

Greg Secker has been an attendee of a lot of seminars about business whereby he gained a lot, and later on, this gave him the fire he needed to start off as a speaker. Greg Secker has spoken in many forums.

Greg Secker also is the founder of Greg Secker Foundation which deals in great philanthropy works. He has run programs in countries like The Philippines whereby he has been able to reconstruct a community which had earlier been destroyed by a typhoon. He builds Typhoon proof houses.