Proof That Following Your Passions Will Lead You To Success

An article from Weekly Opinion talks about the investment analyst Max Salk. Salk is an example of a person who has varied his interests instead of focusing on one specialty. The investment analyst also specializes in landscape photography as well.

The article discusses how now many millennials are not opting to go to college and instead are choosing different avenues for a career. The internet has opened many doors for people looking for a different type of career path. There has been debate on whether sticking to college and studying a traditional specialty is a good or bad thing anymore. Although, specializing in one thing is still a very significant thing in today’s world. The article mentions that we will always need people who specialize in fields of medicine and architecture. Those fields are an imperative part of our society as a whole.

A book that recently came out by David Epstein talks about how people that are generalists and have many different specialties often have the ability to make more creative decisions. Their several interests allow them the ability to better problem solve and create new ideas. 

Max Salk is a prime example of someone who decided to go with multiple interests and passions and accredits those to his success today. Salk is based in New York City and works as an investment analyst and a landscape photographer.

Salk majored in finance and history at the University of Illinois. It was in college that he developed a keen interest in investing and the stock market. The investment analyst also picked up photography while in the Netherlands his junior year of college.

After Max graduated, he landed his very first job in the finance and investment field. Three years later, the investment analyst now works as a Vice President at Blackstone, while also still pursuing his love for landscape photography. 

Max believes in following your passions to success. He explains that if you love what you are doing, then you will be willing to put a more natural effort into your work and it won’t feel like you are working.

Colbeck Capital Management the Investment Group For Your Company

Colbeck Capital Management is an Investment Manager located in New York City, New York. The company was founded in 2009. They were founded by Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. Colbeck Capital Management employees between 11 to 50 people.

The company is in the industry of Asset Management with a sub-industry of Wealth Management. Co-Founders Jason Beckman and Jason Pierce Colodne are also managing partners within Colbeck. Jason Beckman attended Union College and founded Collegetown USA which was later called Jason Colodne graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Thomas Wilhelm is the Managing Director and Head of the Business Division currently he is an attorney and working with the institutional pension investors. The company has three vice presidents Keith Johnson, Christopher Brown, and Luke Vande Guchte. Keith Johnson graduated from DePaul University’s Kellstadt School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration and has achieved a Bachelor of Sciences in Economics from the Louisiana State University. Christopher Brown has earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Luke Vande Guchte has achieved a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Managerial Finance focusing on Economics from the University of Mississippi.

They are a privately held company that specializes in providing credit opportunities to other companies. They accomplish this through various methods including investing, special situation lending and advising. The investing side focuses on secured and strategic finance. Colbeck Capital Management also provides capital and advisory services such as loan underwriting and origination. They provide secured finance by creating a plan for profit to ensure an acceptable return. Strategic finance is also obtainable along in which a company will have secured finance by backing with collateral to reduce risk. The operational advisory is also available. Colbeck likewise provides clients with agency servicing.

Colbeck Capital Management believes in building long term partnership with their clients. They offer many services such as deliverables. These are offered to corporations that have unmet the financing requirements. They offer solutions to tough situations such as tight timeframes. Other situations that they offer are management buyout and unsponsored/pre=sponsored opportunities, and cash or PIK interest. They also extend aid in multi-constituent restructurings. Another area is that of previously unbanked companies or underbanked companies. This deals with those companies that either does not have a bank or have the incorrect bank for their company. Colbeck helps with non-traditional assets, such as real estate.

Investment funds are another section Colbeck Capital Management aids companies. Investment funds include senior secured loans. Second lien or Mezzanine and Structured Equity Financing is an additional specialty. Those looking for a debtor in possession or exit financing will find Colbeck to be knowledgeable and helpful. An additional investment fund available is unfunded commitments and synthetic letters of credit in which the bank has pre-funded on the closing date, instead of when the funds are drawn as needed. Two more investment funds are short and long-dated maturities and flexible covenants. Colbeck can help with all your investment needs.

A CEO with determination and heart

As the CEO of a company that has served over 500,000 individuals and has up to 250 employees, Angela Koch is someone that leads with a heart, but a heart full of determination. She has to do this, not just because of the company she leads, the U.S. Money Reserve, but because that is the type of individual she is.

The U.S. Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metals in the nation and the company’s president, Philip N. Diehl, served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, so it is essential that it be run with the utmost integrity and trustworthiness. Everyone within this company is knowledgeable and experienced so that you can make the best decisions when transferring a portion of your money from paper to precious metals.

Angela Koch is determined to do more than just maintain the company’s stellar reputation. As CEO she brings her unique experience to the table. Having taken positions at pharmacies, electrical companies and a Jewish Foundation she discovered how to learn from various people in different trades. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve INC | BBB

She believes in learning all there is to learn about not only her role in a company, but alo all there is to know about that company and it’s role in the community. This is what she brings to her employees as well. Of course, she expects the job to be done well by herself and others. It has to be to bring the customers the best possible experience while benefiting the company.

Angela believes in her employees. Knowing they have been trained well, she is aware of all they can do without constant supervision. In her own words, “…without me, they can go out there and make really good decisions and drive the business. That’s what I want.” Her interest in their progress builds their character and makes a great company even better.

How does she accomplish this? Angela Koch does it by following three basic rules.

1) When making a decision don’t hesitate or look back.

2) Keep your life balanced

3) Know your personal strengths and maximize them.

She doesn’t believe in excuses, but with a heart full of determination leads her people and company to top.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Max Salk Has A Penchant For Research

As an analyst, Max Salk needs to understand the present and he needs to understand the future. Some of the most interesting companies within the sector are companies within the technology sector such as Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, and a variety of others within the sector.

Now, many people might see a lot of value within the technology sector but it is necessary to know that individuals would also need to see the potential downsides as well. Investors may not see money flowing in terms of profits and would need to understand how the company would aim to be profitable in the future.

To understand a company, it is necessary to look at one of the leaders within the space.

Max Salk may look at a company like Amazon and analyze it in a rigorous manner.

See, Amazon is a very strange company. We know that it was a bookseller at first but now it sells everything. It purchased companies such as IMDB, and other companies early on, it purchased companies that had no real relevance to it at the time. Even now, some may be astounded by some of the companies that Amazon may buy, it seems irrelevant in the short term.

Amazon looks like it lacks cohesive strategy but investor interest would indicate that they trust Amazon to quite well in the short-term and in the long-term as well. One sees that Amazon is executing in a ruthless manner as well. Amazon looks like it is moving as fast as a cheetah when it is as big as an elephant. It is a fascinating company indeed.

For individuals to understand Amazon, people like Max Salk may dive into companies such as Walmart who were pioneers within the industry. The fact of the matter is that Walmart is a company that had a lot to do with vastly improving the retail landscape. One may even realize that Amazon stole a lot from the playbooks that Walmart was using to grow. It started with the Walmart playbook and then built on top of it and grew a significant amount from there.

People like Max Salk have to dive in a deep manner into companies like Amazon and Netflix to really understand how they will change the game.

Enjoy Financial Success

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