Max Salk Has A Penchant For Research

As an analyst, Max Salk needs to understand the present and he needs to understand the future. Some of the most interesting companies within the sector are companies within the technology sector such as Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, and a variety of others within the sector.

Now, many people might see a lot of value within the technology sector but it is necessary to know that individuals would also need to see the potential downsides as well. Investors may not see money flowing in terms of profits and would need to understand how the company would aim to be profitable in the future.

To understand a company, it is necessary to look at one of the leaders within the space.

Max Salk may look at a company like Amazon and analyze it in a rigorous manner.

See, Amazon is a very strange company. We know that it was a bookseller at first but now it sells everything. It purchased companies such as IMDB, and other companies early on, it purchased companies that had no real relevance to it at the time. Even now, some may be astounded by some of the companies that Amazon may buy, it seems irrelevant in the short term.

Amazon looks like it lacks cohesive strategy but investor interest would indicate that they trust Amazon to quite well in the short-term and in the long-term as well. One sees that Amazon is executing in a ruthless manner as well. Amazon looks like it is moving as fast as a cheetah when it is as big as an elephant. It is a fascinating company indeed.

For individuals to understand Amazon, people like Max Salk may dive into companies such as Walmart who were pioneers within the industry. The fact of the matter is that Walmart is a company that had a lot to do with vastly improving the retail landscape. One may even realize that Amazon stole a lot from the playbooks that Walmart was using to grow. It started with the Walmart playbook and then built on top of it and grew a significant amount from there.

People like Max Salk have to dive in a deep manner into companies like Amazon and Netflix to really understand how they will change the game.

Omar Boraie is New Brunswick’s Savior

As our world continues to be taken over by the political correctness storm, it seems that the common people are beginning to target the richest in our country. People such as Chief Executive Officers, corporate leaders, and those of the upper class, are becoming the focus of hateful comments. The common people think of the rich are greedy and only look after themselves. While this may be true for some of them, it is not true of Omar Boraie.


Omar Boraie has done more for southern New Jersey than any corporate giant I know. Through his work with the Boraie Development LLC, he has been able to revive the entire city. Just a look at the wonderful things this man has done is enough to restore your faith in humanity.


An article that was produced on the New Jersey stage states that Omar Boraie has partnered with them along with their business partner Provident Bank Foundation. Together these two corporate giants bank rolled a movie night at the New Jersey Stage in order to give 7500 families a night out together. This outreach brought families closer to their loved ones and left a positive impact in the neighborhood. The outreach was focusing on several Disney movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Boraie Development LLC has been committed to southern New Jersey for over four decades. An article on credits Omar Boraie with saving the city from near destruction. The article explains three ways that he did this.


Sam Boraie knew that if his area was to continue that jobs would have to come to the community. He was able to convince Johnson and Johnson to stay in the area since they were the largest employer.


Omar Boraie then created a confederacy of allies ranging everything from the mayor to the president of the Rutgers University to several nonprofit coalitions.


According to Press of Atlantic City, he was able to make the area of New Brunswick more appealing to business-minded people by creating thousands of feet in class A office space. This would appeal to people such as lawyers, doctors, and surgeons. Since they were available at such a low-cost, businesses jumped at this opportunity. Check out Press of Atlantic City to see more.


In addition to this, Omar Boraie created housing that would appeal to the upper-middle-class. This he mostly accomplished through his condo providing Aspire building which provides over 370,000 ft.² of modern accommodations.



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Business Professional Josh Verne Advises Entrepreneurs In New Podcast

Josh Verne’s recent podcast on entrepreneurship provided practical suggestions for being an effective leader. Josh Verne has extensive experience in this area and has recently opened a new business where he puts these skills into action.


Verne shares that it’s important for leaders to have balance in their lives. He states that while most entrepreneurs focus a lot of their attention on professional success, it’s crucial to be just as intentional about success socially, emotionally and personally. When all areas of a person’s life are in working order, this can be professionally rewarding.


Josh Verne also points out that business deals and partnerships need to be beneficial for all involved parties. Business owners should be sure that a professional deal will lead to success on their end, and will also provide equal advantages for the other entities that are part of the deal.


The art of listening intently is also a point Verne brings up in his podcast. He reminds his listening audience that people have two ears and one mouth for a very important reason–it’s better to listen more than talk. When people are listening intentionally to their team members and employees, they are more likely to meet the needs of the group and boost overall morale.


Josh Verne’s well-known projects include being the founder and CEO of, a company he started with his best friend from childhood, Jon Dorfman. Verne also served as the co-president of Home Line Furniture, and recently founded, a content exchange forum for college students.